Single Window Door - Before

Better Living With Custom Printed Window Film

People have been sharing their custom printed Wallpaper For Windows window film pictures and stories.  Many have transformed a bad view into a beautiful view using pictures from their vacation or a favorite place.  Businesses have been using custom printing to decoratively improve privacy and create signs for their windows and glass doors.  Churches of all denominations have embraced the beauty and affordability of custom printed windows as a way to beautify all areas of their facilities.

Cathy - Before

Cathy – Before

Cathy - After

Cathy – After

Cathy had a view of an aging wooden fence out her bay window.  She replaced that view with a view of a sunset over a lake that she had printed from one of her favorite photographs.

Single Window Door – Before

Single Window Door – Before

Single Window Door – After

Single Window Door – After




The roof of a new neighbors garage ruined the idyllic view from Loren and Heidi’s 2nd floor window.  They found a picture of the view taken before the garage was built and had a custom print made.  Now they have their old view again.






To improve the look of their lobby while adding privacy for the conference room next to it.   Incorporating Services Ltd took advantage of the Frosted glass custom printing to create a very stylish look featuring the companies logo in the center panel and frosted glass blocks on the side panels.  (Each side panel is a single sheet of clear film with the Frosted blocks printed on it.  Easy to install with perfect spacing between the blocks.)   Portofino Corp used custom printing with color for the doors of their new restaurant


Do you have a window or door with a bad view?  Replace it with a beautiful view or piece of art using Wallpaper For Windows custom printing service.  Easy and affordable, will look great for years.


Mobile Version Of Wallpaper For Windows Website Now Live


The mobile version of is now live. You can shop for privacy window film, frosted glass, etched glass, one way and stained glass films on your smartphone and tablet. The mobile version of the website will open automatically when you visit the website on a smartphone or tablet.

Like most mobile sites, the focus is on presenting products to the user. If you are not familiar with the features, benefits and uses of Wallpaper For Windows, we recommend visiting the full version of the site, either on your phone tablet or computer (bigger screens allow for better viewing of the designs). At the bottom of each page on the mobile site there is a link to open the full site.

The full website has lots of information about the features and benefits of Wallpaper For Windows decorative and privacy films. The Decorating Ideas blog has many examples and suggestions for where and how to use Wallpaper For Windows.

Enjoy the new mobile version of the site and visit the regular version of for answers to product or feature questions.


New Etched Glass Oval Designs For Glass Doors and Transom Windows

Ritz Etched Glass Long Oval

Ritz Etched Glass Long Oval

South Beach Etched Glass Long Oval

South Beach Etched Glass Long Oval

Wallpaper For Windows has introduced two new sizes and designs to it’s Centerpiece decorative accent product line. These long oval designs were developed as a way to decorate glass doors without blocking the view, but also look great on one light and transom windows.

Ideal for one light french doors, storm and sliding glass doors, transom and one light windows. The etched glass Ritz and South Beach designs are available in 15 x 45 inch and 20 x 60 inch sizes.

Like all Wallpaper For Windows products, these Centerpiece designs are adhesive-free, easy to apply and will look great for years.

For more info or to order the Ritz Long Oval design, click here.
For more info or to order the South Beach Long Oval design, click here.


Holy-Spirit3 (2)

Houses of Worship Embrace Custom Window Film Printing

The chance to have beautiful stained glass windows at an affordable price, is why churches, temples and mosques are using Wallpaper For Windows custom print service.

Angel1 (2)The Wedding at CanaPrint

stained glass template eagle (2)



Decor updates, remodeling, new construction and broken window replacement are reasons people give for contacting us.  We have found that many congregations have talented artists who can create the art for their facility.  For inspiration, artists often use famous church windows and locally important messages when creating custom windows.

Stained glass windows are inspirational for all religions.  Wallpaper For Windows custom prints are adorning the schools, sanctuaries and worship areas of Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus and more.  If your home or house of worship needs a custom print for windows or glass doors, visit the Wallpaper For Windows custom printing page (click here) for more info.

Biscayne Privacy Design

How to Cover Windows in Front Doors?

This was a question posted on Apartment Therapy from Amy. “How to Cover Windows in Front Door?”

Updated January 22, 2015 to reflect Wallpaper For Windows new custom trimming service for oval shaped windows.

We decided it would be easier to show Amy how her doors could look using a couple of Wallpaper For Windows decorative window film designs.

Until now, trimming decorative film to fit an oval door window has been difficult.  Wallpaper For Windows new Oval Window Trim-to-Size service makes decorating oval windows quick and easy.  You supply Wallpaper For Windows with the measurements of your glass and a picture of the door/window which they use to make a template of your oval.  The design you selected is then printed, cut to size and on it’s way to you in 2-3 business days.  When the film arrives from the factory (Made In USA), it is an easy 5-minute job to decorate your oval window with the adhesive-free static film.

These films really give the entry a decorative element.  All will give the privacy Amy’s looking for, while still letting in the natural light.   Wallpaper For Windows films provide UV protection and will look great for years.

It’s the perfect do-it-yourself product.

Biscayne Privacy Design on doors, Lite Frost on Transom Windows

Savannah Privacy Design on doors, Lite Frost on Transom Windows

Eden See-Through Design on doors, Lite Frost on Transom Windows

Amy’s Front Door Before


Have A Wallpaper For Windows Design Customized

Customize For Arch Windows

Customize For Arch Windows



With Wallpaper For Windows’s new ‘giclee’ print technology, we now have the ability to customize Wallpaper For Windows designs for you. Trimming designs to fit arched windows and door ovals, design resizing/scaling and some color changes are now possible.

Want the medallions in the Monterey Design to be red instead of blue or amber? Easily done. Though the Allure Leaded Glass design is available in 7 colors, you can have the leading lines customized with any color you desire.

The Napa design too large for your small to medium-sized window? Have the design resized to be proportional to your window. Want to decorate your 15 pane French doors with the Savannah design, but prefer the shards of glass to be smaller? Have the Savannah resized and then use the Trim-To-Size service to pre-cut the panes for you. You will enjoy a beautiful new look for your door that was very easy to accomplish.

Monterey – With Custom Ruby Medallions


Napa Stained Glass Privacy design has been resized to 40% smaller than the standard Napa size.

Having designs customized and trimmed-to-fit door ovals and arched windows is now possible.  In the window covering business, decorating arched windows and the glass ovals in entry doors are two of the most difficult and expensive projects one could undertake.  Wallpaper For Windows new customization program makes decorating these windows easy and very affordable.   You provide the glass measurements and a picture of the window, we make a digital template of the windows shape and after the design is printed, the film is perfectly cut to fit your glass.

If you have an arched window or door with a clear glass oval, it’s time to decorate it with one of Wallpaper For Windows etched glass, frosted glass or stained glass designs.

All designs can be resized and many can have color changes, contact the Wallpaper For Windows office at 800-320-8439 / 321-504-4060 for more detailed information.

Visit Napa Stained Glass Privacy design product page for more design info.

Visit Monterey Bay Privacy design product page.  Visit Monterey Bay See-Thru design product page.

Visit Monterey Sun Privacy design product page.  Visit Monterey Sun See-Thru design product page.


Sea Turtle Reef, Stained Glass Art For Windows And Glass Doors


A green sea turtle glides across a tropical reef teaming with clown fish, blue and yellow tangs, a sea horse, angel fish, butterfly fish and  more in this acclaimed piece of art by Boldwater; of Merritt Island, FL.

Decorating windows and glass doors with the Sea Turtle Reef artwork is like hanging a painting on glass, only better.   For Sea Turtle Reef is stained glass art, light brings the artwork to life in a way that is envied by wall art.  This artwork is produced with Wallpaper For Windows new hi-def stained glass technology, the colors are rich and the reproduction is fine art quality.  A strong metal frame completes the look.


Sea Turtle Reef is produced on Wallpaper For Windows special adhesive-free film which is very easy to apply.  There is no trimming required and Installation will be finished in less than 10 minutes.  The artwork will look great for years and when it is time to redecorate, can be removed in seconds.  Wallpaper For Windows is reusable, the artwork can be removed and reapplied a number of times.

As you can see from the pictures, the artwork is available in a variety of sizes (4 sizes) that decorate without completely blocking the view.

Visit the Sea Turtle Reef product page for more info / to order.

1 Large Windows 1  slider
Stained Glass Palm Tree border on living room window.

Palm Tree Borders In Stained Glass And Etched Glass Now Availalble

If you like tropical and beach decor, you’ll love the new Palm Tree borders by Wallpaper For Windows.

Window with stained glass Palm Tree border.

Stained Glass Palm Tree Border with privacy background.

These decorative accents are an easy and affordable way to give windows, glass doors and mirrors a stylish new look.

Palm tree borders are available with a stained glass or etched glass look and a horizontal (side to side) or vertical (up and down) orientation.  Each border is available with a clear (see-thru) background or a lite frost privacy background.  Borders are 8 inches x 48 inches and there are two (2) borders in a box.

There are many ways to decorate with a border, some of our favorites are;

  • Sliding glass doors – When used across the middle of sliding glass doors, Palm Tree borders are a good looking way to prevent people from walking into closed doors.
  • Decorating mirrors – Framing a mirror is a quick and easy way to transform the ordinary into something extraordinary.    Many people decorate just two (2) sides of a mirror and many people choose to decorate all 4 sides (especially on large mirrors).
  • Windows – There are as many ways to decorate windows as there are types of windows.  For tall windows, use the border vertically on the sides.  For wide windows, horizontal borders along the bottom of the panes is recommended.  If improved privacy is desired, centering a lite frost privacy border on the glass will reduce visibility into a home or office.

These ideas and more ‘in-use’ pictures are available on the Palm Tree Border product pages.  Visit the Etched Glass Palm Tree Border product page or the Stained Glass Palm Tree Border product page for product sizing and use information.

Mirror decorated with etched glass palm tree border.

Decorate mirrors with Palm Tree borders.

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