Some exciting news – we’ve passed a HUGE new milestone.  We recently produced our 750th mile of Wallpaper for Windows. 750 MILES!  It’s cool to imagine what that would look like, laid out across the country.

We’ve come a long way from our humble beginnings.  When we launched, there were just 4 patterns of our decorative window film.

Monte Carlo Etched Glass Film

Ritz Etched Glass Window Film

Doral Etched Glass Window Film

Orleans Decorative Etched Glass Window Film


























These classic Etched Glass designs continue to be extremely popular.  And now we have a huge catalog of Leaded Glass Window Films, Stained Glass Window Films,  Deco Tints  and Decorative Glass Accents (and more!)

Recently, we’ve expanded on these looks by adding 6 color options to both the Orleans and Ritz designs (available in both see-though and privacy versions).

Orleans Leaded Glass See-Through

Orleans Leaded Glass Privacy

Ritz In Color Privacy

Ritz In Color See Through