French paned doors decorated with colored window tint film.

Trim To Size makes decorating quick and easy.

In the USA and Canada, the most popular French paned door is the 15-light door.  (10-light doors are second, 18-light third most popular.)  Decorative and privacy window films have become a very popular alternative to curtains and blinds, especially for doors which need to open and close.  When decorated with a privacy window film, window treatments are not needed for French doors.

For French paned windows, the frosted, stained glass and etched glass designs are often used in conjunction with window treatments, i.e. hard and soft valances, swags and blinds.

Because French panes are small pieces of glass, it is very easy to apply window film to them.  And because they are small panes, it is very easy to trim the film at home or at the office.  It is easy to do, but it can quickly become tedious and time consuming to measure and cut 10-15 rectangles of film.

Give your bathroom the beauty of colorful stained glass. Ocean & Sky Blue shown.

French paned windows are easier to decorate with the Trim-To-Size service.

That is what makes the Trim-To-Size service such a great value when decorating French paned doors and windows. The time savings can easily be an hour for 15 light doors.  The Trim To Size service uses a digital cutter so that each piece will be perfectly cut to your measurements.

With the film arriving pre-cut, it is an easy job to apply the adhesive-free pieces.  Spray the glass with water, peel the film from the backing paper and apply to the glass.  The included smoothing tool is used to remove excess water and air bubbles from under the film.  Without having to do the trimming, a 15-light door can easily be covered in less than 30 minutes.

We highly recommend the Trim-To-Size service when decorating French paned doors and windows.


French paned doors decorated with colored window film.

A splash of color for french doors.

Frosted window film on french paned window.

Frosted Film adds privacy to French paned living room windows.