The mobile version of is now live. You can shop for privacy window film, frosted glass, etched glass, one way and stained glass films on your smartphone and tablet. The mobile version of the website will open automatically when you visit the website on a smartphone or tablet.

Like most mobile sites, the focus is on presenting products to the user. If you are not familiar with the features, benefits and uses of Wallpaper For Windows, we recommend visiting the full version of the site, either on your phone tablet or computer (bigger screens allow for better viewing of the designs). At the bottom of each page on the mobile site there is a link to open the full site.

The full website has lots of information about the features and benefits of Wallpaper For Windows decorative and privacy films. The Decorating Ideas blog has many examples and suggestions for where and how to use Wallpaper For Windows.

Enjoy the new mobile version of the site and visit the regular version of for answers to product or feature questions.