Wallpaper For Windows new Design Your Own Decorative Window Film website, Decostat.com makes it easy to create your own custom tropical etched glass door and window coverings with see-thru or privacy film.

These custom films are a very affordable way to transform your plain glass doors and windows with the timeless beauty of etched glass.  Everything is made-to-size so you don’t buy more than you need.  Pricing is based on the size of the film ordered.

Select window or door type and enter the measurements of the glass.  DecoStat’s full-featured design studio opens with a design area the size of your glass.  (Measurements can be changed later, so it’s ok to start designing with a guess-timate of the measurements.)

The design studio has text and drawing tools and an art library stocked with etched glass palm trees, palm fronds, plants, flowers, butterflies and more to use in creating your own design.  Art in the library can be resized, rotated and positioned as desired.  You can also upload your art, photos, logos and art downloaded from the internet to the design studio.

When finished, double check your measurements (you can still change the size if needed), save your design and checkout.  (Pricing is calculated once the measurements have been entered and is displayed at the bottom right of the studio.)  In a few days your custom, made to size film will be on its way to you.  When your made to size film arrives, it is ready to be applied.  Without having to trim the film, installation is quick and easy.

These films are made by Wallpaper For Windows and will look great for many years.  Features and benefits of this adhesive-free static film; easy to apply (and remove when the time comes), improves privacy, filters UV rays, saves energy, reduces heat and much more.


Enter measurements of glass.  This is for a storm door.


Design board opens to the size of your measurements. Then create your own design. Art library as lots of elements to use.  Drawing and text tools, plus upload your own art, photos, logos.


The finished design printed on see-thru film and applied to a storm door.