Great for decorating sliders

Much better than looking at the neighbor’s house.

Photo collages are today’s way to decorate with art and photo’s that have meaning to you.  Photo Collages of family and friends, special places and special events in your life make beautiful window and glass door decor when on Wallpaper For Windows film.  Like stained glass, photo collages are illuminated as light passes through the glass, transforming an ordinary window or glass door into a unique, decorative element.

Collages are an easy way to give your window a new look and are a new way to decorate big glass doors and panels.  Until now, large glass panels and sliding glass doors have really been walls that you could neither paint nor hang a picture on.  These photo collages can be arranged on sliders the same as collages are arranged on a wall.  The easy to apply film is adhesive-free.  It can be applied and removed many, many times.  Rotate your photo collage arrangement as often as desired, they will look great and and adhere perfectly for many years.

There are two ways to make a photo collage, Wallpaper For Windows custom printing service or our new website, Selfie Photo Collages.

Selfie Photo Collages specializes in photo collages.  It has a design studio with a variety of templates and sizes that make it quick and easy to create a collage. (visit the site for more info)

Use Wallpaper For Windows custom printing service for sizes larger than are available on Selfie Photo Collage or for collages that have been created in a design program and are print ready.  Photo Collages can be created any size the Lite Frost film is available. (To see available sizes, click here )  Looks the same on both sides of the glass.

Need a special gift for a friend or family member?  Give them a photo collage, they will cherish it for many years.