Deco Tint Decorating

Here we demonstrate the versatility, problem solving abilities and decorating options that Deco Tint decorative window films offer residential and commercial property owners or renters for improving their living space. Most of these posts feature a photo selected from a decorating / lifestyle magazine, TV show or news event. The photo was then edited to demonstrate alternatives for decorating the window/glass door using Deco Tint colored tints and how little it costs (many ideas are under $50). We invite your comments comparing the Deco Tint looks to the original and your ideas on how you would decorate the window/door with Deco Tints. Original images and publications used in this blog are copyrighted/Trademarks owned by their respective entities. These images do not reflect an endorsement by that organization and are exclusively being used to illustrate the decorative looks Deco Tints / Wallpaper For Windows could have created.


Red Hot Home Design

Are you tired of neutral colors? Is your home crying out for a burst of color? Here’s an idea – bring any room to life with the power of RED.  Use our Ruby Red Window Film on doors, windows, shower stalls or windows to quickly and cheaply add passion to your home. Choose from Ruby Red Deco Tint in [...]

Think Pink

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month we’re offering 15% all Dusty Rose Deco Tint, Dusty Rose Deco Waves and Dusty Rose Deco Spots.  These designer window films will cling to any smooth, non-porous surface.  Use them on windows, glass doors, mirrors, [...]

Back to School With Color and Style

It’s that time of year again – Back to School. And for college students, ‘Back to School’ means more than just new classes and new clothes. Tens of thousands of college students are moving into new dorm rooms. Dorms that are in serious and immediate need of decorating. One area that often goes [...]
Amber Privacy Deco Tint

Get Creative and Colorful with Deco Tint Window Film

Many of our customers like the ease and convenience of our Trimmed to Size Service. They like being able to select one of our decorative prints and then have us cut the film to their exact specifications. But then, there are other folks who like to get creative with their window film. They see a [...]

Adding Wallpaper for Windows to Stop the Peep Show

This is a guest post from Brittany of Pretty Handy Girl. I’m about to share something a little embarrassing with the whole world. I confess to you that I regularly walk in my bathroom naked in front of the only window in our master bathroom! Why would I do such a silly thing? Why? Well, I’m not [...]
Mandalay Stained Glass Film - See-Through

Love is in Air: Valentine’s Day Decorating Tips

With just 3 weeks to go until Valentine’s Day, most people’s attention is going towards temporary Valentine’s Day decorations. We have a better idea.  Channel your love of love into a more permanent display. Why just buy flowers, when you can add flower accents to your home with a Mandalay Stained [...]

Have Some Fun with Deco Waves

Available in different colors and widths, Deco Waves allow you to have some decorating fun with your glass doors, windows and shower enclosures.  In just 15-20 minutes you’ll be able to transform your room into a whole new creative and colorful space. Like the looks below? Deco Waves are available [...]

Monterey Sun Gives You Privacy, Natural Light and Timeless Style

Beautiful and versatile, our Monterey Sun Stained Glass design is changing the way some people think about window film. The Monterey design has a timeless style, featuring medallions on a grid of leading lines.  Perfect for doors, the Monterey Sun Stained Glass Privacy Window Film has a lite frost [...]
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