Sliding Glass Doors

These blog posts contain ideas and information about decorating sliding glass doors versus covering and hiding them with curtains or blinds. You will find information about decorating sliding glass doors with window film designs which decorate without blocking the view, designs that reduce visibility through the glass or semi-private designs and designs which provide privacy without darkening the room. These Wallpaper For Windows films are available in Frosted glass, stained glass, leaded glass and etched glass looks. Additional features and benefits of using Wallpaper For Windows are; looks great for years, is adhesive-free so it is easy for anyone to apply and get professional looking results, saves energy, filters UV rays and reduces heat. When it is time to redecorate, can be removed in seconds without any tools. I hope you find an article that helps you get the right look for your sliding glass doors. If you have any questions about decorating sliding glass doors, you can call our office or email us at customerservice at Enjoy


Tropical Scene For Sliding Glass And French Doors

Give sliding glass and french doors a beautiful new look with this tropical etched glass scene.  Featuring herons, palm trees, birds of paradise and more, this etched glass scene transforms a room with it’s style and elegance.  Everyone that enters the room, will enjoy the beauty of nature and the [...]

New Etched Glass Oval Designs For Glass Doors and Transom Windows

Wallpaper For Windows has introduced two new sizes and designs to it’s Centerpiece decorative accent product line. These long oval designs were developed as a way to decorate glass doors without blocking the view, but also look great on one light and transom windows. Ideal for one light [...]

Sea Turtle Reef, Stained Glass Art For Windows And Glass Doors

A green sea turtle glides across a tropical reef teaming with clown fish, blue and yellow tangs, a sea horse, angel fish, butterfly fish and  more in this acclaimed piece of art by Boldwater; of Merritt Island, FL. Decorating windows and glass doors with the Sea Turtle Reef artwork is like hanging [...]
Stained Glass Palm Tree border on living room window.

Palm Tree Borders In Stained Glass And Etched Glass Now Availalble

If you like tropical and beach decor, you’ll love the new Palm Tree borders by Wallpaper For Windows. These decorative accents are an easy and affordable way to give windows, glass doors and mirrors a stylish new look. Palm tree borders are available with a stained glass or etched glass look and a [...]

Roswell Stained Glass Border Is Best In Galaxy

Wallpaper For Windows new Roswell stained glass border has been recognized as ‘Best In Galaxy’ by both the Alien Grey’s and the Vulcan’s.  (The Grey’s prefer Roswell Green because their 2nd moon is green. Vulcan’s prefer Roswell Blue for it represents the soothing energy of the mind meld.) No [...]

Doral Sliding Glass Doors Still Look New After 14 Years

We received a facebook post from Carole A. with this picture of her sliding glass doors decorated with the Doral design. She was posting to let people know how much she liked her Doral decorated sliding glass doors AND that she had been enjoying them for 14 years.  “They still look new” she said, [...]

Create a Fresh New Look with Decorative Window Film

So many of us promised ourselves that this would be the year we’d redecorate. It’s time to live up to some of those New Year’s Resolutions! Redecorating doesn’t have to be an expensive and time-consuming process. Sometimes all it takes to give a room a fresh new look is one subtle change. And [...]
South Beach In Color Privacy (shown in black)

South Beach Style: Designer Leaded Glass Window Film in 6 New Colors!

Searching for a new way to bring stylish elegance to your home?  We have the perfect solution. Our South Beach leaded glass window film is now available is 6 fabulous color options!       The South Beach pattern coordinates beautifully with a variety of decorating styles, from contemporary to [...]
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