Arched Windows & Fanlights

How-to information and decorating ideas for Arched and Fanlight windows using decorative and privacy window films. Arched windows are difficult and expensive to decorate with most window treatments. Wallpaper For Windows with it’s trim-to-size service, makes it very easy and affordable to give an arched window a custom stained glass or etched glass look.


Have A Wallpaper For Windows Design Customized

    With Wallpaper For Windows’s new ‘giclee’ print technology, we now have the ability to customize Wallpaper For Windows designs for you. Trimming designs to fit arched windows and door ovals, design resizing/scaling and some color changes are now possible. Want the medallions in the Monterey [...]
Roni S.

Temperature Decreased By Almost 20 Degrees!

One of the many great features of our designer window film is the ability to deflect light and heat. We recently received this rave review from a customer via our CustomerLobby system. I have a Large 1/2 Moon window in my Great Room. That side of the house gets the afternoon sun. The room is almost [...]
Mandalay Stained Glass Film - See-Through

Love is in Air: Valentine’s Day Decorating Tips

With just 3 weeks to go until Valentine’s Day, most people’s attention is going towards temporary Valentine’s Day decorations. We have a better idea.  Channel your love of love into a more permanent display. Why just buy flowers, when you can add flower accents to your home with a Mandalay Stained [...]

Monterey Sun Gives You Privacy, Natural Light and Timeless Style

Beautiful and versatile, our Monterey Sun Stained Glass design is changing the way some people think about window film. The Monterey design has a timeless style, featuring medallions on a grid of leading lines.  Perfect for doors, the Monterey Sun Stained Glass Privacy Window Film has a lite frost [...]

Privacy For Bathroom Window Over Tub

Today’s post is from Southern Accents magazine, Best Southern Rooms issue Early 2010 pg 97.* It’s a good thing this beautiful bathroom doesn’t have neighbors or a trip to the tub would put on quite a show. If you have a tub window that faces the street or your neighbors, here are some decorating [...]

Attic Window Redo

Updated August 2013 – Todays post is from the cover of “This Old House” magazine, Jan/Feb 2010 issue. Decorating this arched window with curtains or blinds would rob the room of its architectural look. There are many Wallpaper For Windows designs that could be used to give this window a new [...]
Grapevine See-Thru lends an elegant effect while letting in light and views.

Decorating Arched Windows

July 27, 2013 – Updated pictures to include new designs. Updated info about new designs and new  Trim-To-Size service that have been added since original post. Arched windows are beautiful unless too much sunlight comes through, your neighbors can look into your home through it, the view is not the [...]
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