Bathroom Windows

Bathroom windows are valued for the natural light they let into the room. But if that window is right over your tub or in your shower, the neighbors may also be getting a view of you au natural. Using blinds or curtains in a shower window is a losing battle to mold and mildew. Privacy and decorative window films by Wallpaper For Windows are an easy and affordable solution to covering bathroom windows as they look great and are unaffected by steam and moisture (even direct shower spray) and will not mold or mildew. Choose from an assortment of stained glass, frosted, etched and leaded glass designs that decorate, add privacy and let the sunlight brighten the room. These articles discuss ideas for decorating and adding privacy to bathroom windows. All illustrations feature Wallpaper For Windows brand window film.

Mirage Stained Glass Privacy Window Film

Stained Glass Window Film – Add Beauty and Drama to Any Room

Updated August 2013 – There’s something special about the look of stained glass… that stunning blend of color, light and design. It adds beauty and drama to any room. With Wallpapers for Windows stained glass window film you’re able to enjoy the beauty of stained glass at a small fraction of the [...]
Orleans Leaded Glass - Privacy

Decorative Window Film for Kitchen and Bath

One of the many great advantages of our decorative window film is that  it’s unaffected by steam, heat and moisture. This makes it ideal for kitchens and bathrooms! Just look at some of the creative ways you can use Wallpaper for Windows to update and decorate while insulating and saving [...]

How to Create a Privacy Window

Wallpaper For Windows is the easy and affordable way to create a privacy window.  We have a huge selection of stained glass, etched glass and frosted glass designs to suit any decor.  Plus, all of our window films save energy, reduce heat and filter UV rays to protect carpets and furnishings from [...]
Allure Leaded Glass See-Through

New Leaded Glass Door and Window Films

Our new leaded glass designs give an upscale new look to glass doors, side lights, windows, mirrors and more. Featuring looks that range from contemporary to traditional, our leaded glass designer window films are an easy way to give an ordinary door a custom new look with the added benefits of UV [...]

Adding Wallpaper for Windows to Stop the Peep Show

This is a guest post from Brittany of Pretty Handy Girl. I’m about to share something a little embarrassing with the whole world. I confess to you that I regularly walk in my bathroom naked in front of the only window in our master bathroom! Why would I do such a silly thing? Why? Well, I’m not [...]
Monterey Sun Stained Glass Privacy Window Film

Perfect for Bathrooms!

Year after year, one of our most frequently asked questions is about using Wallpaper for Windows on shower enclosures. Our product is perfect for your shower stalls and bathroom windows as it’s unaffected by steam, heat and moisture. It won’t curl or yellow. You can confidently update the look of [...]
Eden Etched Glass Border

Decorative Glass Accents for All Year Long

In can be easy, this time of year, to get so caught up in the holiday spirit that you focus only on the short term.  Thinking, “How can I make my home more beautiful for the holidays,” instead of, “How can I make my home more beautiful.” We have an inexpensive and easy solution for you! Decorative [...]
Sandstone Portholes decorating living room windows

Porthole Views for a Cool, Contemporary Look

Our new Porthole Views pattern will give any room an updated look. Cool and contemporary, they provide some privacy without completely blocking the view. Are you crafty and creative? Let your imagination go wild. Portholes are available in Frosted Glass and all of our Deco Tint colors, all in a [...]
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