Multi-Light & French Paned Door Decorating Ideas

Whether your French or multi-paned door has 8, 10, 12, 15 or more panes of glass, Wallpaper For Windows is the best way to decorate and add privacy to it. Choices include stained glass, frosted glass, leaded glass and etched glass designs that can decorate without blocking the view, create partial privacy or complete privacy. Unlike curtains and blinds which rattle in the breeze or intrude on the door’s opening, these decorative films always look good and are unaffected by opening and closing of the door. There are many, many ways to decorate French-paned doors with Wallpaper For Windows. These articles are designed to be a reference tool, demonstrating how-to use these films and decorating ideas for giving ordinary doors a new look. Using the Trim-To-Size service is recommended for French paned doors and windows. For $6.50 per sheet, the trim-to-size service will cut the film for you whether you need 8, 15 or more pieces cut. It is a real time saver, when the film arrives pre-cut it only takes minutes to peel them from the backing paper and apply them to the glass.

French paned doors decorated with Ocean blue film.

Use Window Film Trim To Size Service For French Paned Doors And Windows

French paned doors decorated with colored window tint film.

Trim To Size makes decorating quick and easy.

In the USA and Canada, the most popular French paned door is the 15-light door.  (10-light doors are second, 18-light third most popular.)  Decorative and privacy window films have become a very popular alternative to curtains and blinds, especially for doors which need to open and close.  When decorated with a privacy window film, window treatments are not needed for French doors.

For French paned windows, the frosted, stained glass and etched glass designs are often used in conjunction with window treatments, i.e. hard and soft valances, swags and blinds.

Because French panes are small pieces of glass, it is very easy to apply window film to them.  And because they are small panes, it is very easy to trim the film at home or at the office.  It is easy to do, but it can quickly become tedious and time consuming to measure and cut 10-15 rectangles of film.

Give your bathroom the beauty of colorful stained glass. Ocean & Sky Blue shown.

French paned windows are easier to decorate with the Trim-To-Size service.

That is what makes the Trim-To-Size service such a great value when decorating French paned doors and windows. The time savings can easily be an hour for 15 light doors.  The Trim To Size service uses a digital cutter so that each piece will be perfectly cut to your measurements.

With the film arriving pre-cut, it is an easy job to apply the adhesive-free pieces.  Spray the glass with water, peel the film from the backing paper and apply to the glass.  The included smoothing tool is used to remove excess water and air bubbles from under the film.  Without having to do the trimming, a 15-light door can easily be covered in less than 30 minutes.

We highly recommend the Trim-To-Size service when decorating French paned doors and windows.


French paned doors decorated with colored window film.

A splash of color for french doors.

Frosted window film on french paned window.

Frosted Film adds privacy to French paned living room windows.

Big Bamboo Etched Glass Window Film - See Thru

Decorate Doors (and More) With Big Bamboo

Big Bamboo Etched Glass Window Film - See Thru

Customers are going crazy for our newest etched glass designBig Bamboo.  Available in both see-thru and privacy versions, Big Bamboo, is the perfect complement to rooms with a tropical, beach, casual, Asian or Oriental decor.

This bold and beautiful design is well-suited for any kind of door: sliding glass doors, French doors, storm doors or entry doors. It’s also ideal for shower stalls and larger windows.

The see-thru version decorates without fully obstructing the view (though it does provide a bit of extra privacy). Whereas the privacy version gives you the privacy you desire without darkening the room.

Both the privacy and see-thru versions are adhesive-free films that install in minutes. And each filters 95% of all UV rays to protect your carpets and furnishings from fading.

Big bamboo Etched Glass Window Film could be just the thing you’ve been looking for to give your bathroom, sunroom or any room a fresh new look!


Big Bamboo Etched Glass Privacy Film

Big Bamboo Etched Glass Window Film - See Thru

Big Bamboo Etched Glass Privacy Film



Christian Cross, A Stylish Accent and Reminder of Faith

Decorate windows, glass doors, mirrors and more with these frosted glass accents as a testament and reminder of your faith.  From a single Cross in the corner of a window to a border of Crosses to a large Cross on the middle of a door, there are many, many ways to adorn your decor.

Made with Wallpaper For Windows Frosted Glass, these adhesive-free decals will look great for years, are easy to apply, removable and reusable.

Each sheet has 15 frosted glass Crosses -3 large (12″x18 inches) and 12 medium (5.25″x 8.75 inches).  Enough to decorate your home/office and to share with your friends and church.


Large Christian Cross decorating dining room windows.


One or two in the corner of a window, door or mirror makes an elegant statement.


Decorating french doors with large and medium sized Christian Crosses.

DecoTints on French Pane Door

Stained Glass Deco Tint’s Available In New Smaller Size

From country to contemporary decorators are now using colored glass to give a designer look Ocean Blue and Sky Blue Deco Tint colors accent a reading french-paned windows and glass doors.  The Deco Tint window films by Wallpaper For Windows make it easy to transform existing 10, 12, 15 and 18 light french doors into doors that are unique and stylish by accessorizing the glass panes with color.

For french paned windows, add stained glass color to a few panes of glass for a beautiful addition to the decor.  Light brings the color into the room while addingA few panes of stained glass color adds to the decor. a positive energy and ambiance to the room.

This new size, 24 inches x 14 inches (or 14 inches x 24 inches) makes it easy and affordable to decorate french-paned windows and doors with a combination of stained glass colors.  The sizes of glass panes varies, but each sheet typically cover 2 – 6 panes of glass.

Here are a few pictures that demonstrate how the Deco Tint colored glass gives everyday glass doors and windows a custom look.


French Paned door with stained glass.  DecoTints on French Pane Door


Hide A Home’s Bad View With Decorative Window Film

Before picture looking out of living room windows.

Pedestrians and cars parked on the street create a living room with a bad view and no privacy.

July 2013 – This post has been updated to reflect the new product categories and Trim-To-Size service now available. These images use Deco Tint films, there are now over 50 etched and stained glass designs available.

What happens if you like your house but hate the view? Maybe you are looking at meters hanging off of your neighbor’s home. Perhaps your window overlooks: an alley, a parking lot, or worse, a dumpster? Maybe when you purchased the property the view was unobstructed, but  now you’ve gained a bird’s-eye view of neighbors who sunbathe? Often home-buyers don’t consider the view until its too late, or maybe they buy into a developing neighborhood and now the construction vehicles pass by the kitchen window daily? Or, what if it’s your neighbors who doesn’t care about privacy and you see more than you’d like to of their home life?

Let’s look at some of the options. Curtains or drapes are one of the first considered solutions. But perhaps all that fabric doesn’t match your design aesthetic; plus, it needs to be manipulated daily and cancels out the available light. Blinds are another answer but besides being costly to buy and install, they are dust-catchers and usually uninspiring. Screens and shutters might suffice but they, too, attract dirt and must be manually moved, opened or closed. Hedges and green shrubs are a thought, but police in any city will tell you that fence walls, tall shrubs and hedges obscuring windows often make great places for criminals to hide and is not recommended.


Sky Blue Privacy Deco Tint is an excellent choice for adding privacy to this window with a street view.

A much better alternative is to use Wallpaper for Windows™ adhesive-free window film. Wallpaper For Windows manufactures Privacy Window Films which decoratively block the view, One-Way Window Film which lets you see out while preventing others from seeing inside (visibility out is reduced at night), and Semi-Private Films which greatly reduce visibility through the glass. They look expensive, but the costs are considerably less than the other alternatives and you can do-it-yourself. With its static-cling properties, Wallpaper For Windows can be applied to any glass or smooth, non-porous surface such as plexiglass and Lexan.

The designs are varied, from a timeless Frosted look to geometric’s to vines in both etched glass and a myriad of stained glass looks.  Plus the film’s UV protection prevents valuable furniture and carpet from fading as it filters out 95% of damaging rays. In areas with full sun, the film diffuses glare and harsh sun while still allowing light into the room. Wallpaper for Windows™ is easy to apply and remove (when the time comes).  Installation only requires a spray bottle with water and the Free squeegee / smoothing tool that is included.   And now there is the option of having your film pre-trimmed at the factory. It’s a time saving option that makes decorating any window or door an easy 15 – 20 minute project.

Wallpaper For Windows window film is best value in decorating.

Notice the great view of the house across the street.

Notice the great view of the house across the street.

…. A dramatic arrangement of Ruby and Sandstone Deco Tint colors.

window film design everleaf by Wallpaper For Windows on 9 light door

Creative Window Treatment Provides Partial Privacy

Updated July 2013 – Another creative person has been nice enough to share how she used the Everleaf privacy window film design by Wallpaper For Windows to create this unique and stylish window treatment.

window film design everleaf by Wallpaper For Windows on 9 light doorWe don’t have a before picture, but the problem she had, was needing privacy on the top-half of this 9 light window in her door.  The fence provides privacy for the bottom half of the window, so covering the top half was all that she wanted to do.  But she was not stopping at having a window covering, she wanted a window treatment.

She accomplished that by cutting some of the leftover Everleaf into the pieces you see on the middle and bottom window panes to add style and interest.

Many windows on the second and third floor have exactly the opposite problem, they need privacy on the bottom-half of the window and want to see out the top.  By reversing this arrangement, this window treatment becomes an ideal solution for adding privacy to the bottom-half or a window while adding a decorative accent to the rest of the glass panes.

Other people would like to know about your project.  Please share your ideas and uses of Wallpaper For Windows with others by emailing them to customer service.  Pictures and videos welcome.  :-)


Cover Plexiglass and Lexan With Window Film by Wallpaper For Windows

Updated July 30, 2013 – Like glass, plexiglass and Lexan are smooth, non-porous surfaces that can be decorated with Wallpaper For Windows adhesive-free film.  Easily add Frosted privacy, the look of stained glass or a tint of color to these plastic surfaces.

Sky blue and ocean blue Deco Tint colored window film

Wallpaper For Windows will adhere and look good for many years and when it is time to redecorate, is easy to remove and reusable.  (Adhesive-based films can become very difficult to remove from plastic surfaces.)



.                                                                                 .

Orleans Etched Glass film on french door. Made by Wallpaper For Windows.

For older Lexan or plexiglass that has started to turn white or “fog-up”, using Frosted film is a good way to hide the discoloring.




.                                   .                                            .

In short, you can 1decorate plexiglass or Lexan windows, doors, room dividers, tables and furniture with Wallpaper For Windows as if they were made of glass.

Enjoy the benefits of good looks, energy savings, improved privacy, reduced glare and UV filtering by covering them with Wallpaper For Windows.

The Wallpaper For Windows Trim-To-Size service is recommended when covering any glass or plastic surface.  Having the film pre-cut, makes the window film project quick and easy.

Orleans Etched Glass Door

Decorate a Door In 15 – 20 Minutes

Those that have used Trimmed To Size have been providing rave reviews about how great the results are and how quick and easy it was to do.

French paned door decorated with Wallpaper For Windows Ritz 32x74 Etched window film design.

Designs are centered and balanced when Trimmed To Size.

People with patio doors, storm doors and one-light French doors are reporting beautiful results and an installation time of about 15 minutes.



Trimmed to Size centers and balances the design on the door.



.                                                                                   .

Eden See Thru on French Pane Door

Eden See Thru design on 10 light French doors.

Many owners of 8, 10 and 15 light doors completed their installation in 20 minutes.  They said using Trimmed To Size for multi-light doors is almost a no-brainer.

It saves a person a good hour or more of tedious measuring and marking and the factories computer controlled cutter usually delivers more precise results than trimming by hand.

Here Eden adds a decorative element to interior French Paned doors.

.                                                                                             .

Medical Reception / Waiting Room with Sandstone Privacy and Lite Frost

Using privacy window films to protect patients privacy from pedestrians.

Office mangers used Trimmed To Size because they had support people willing to apply the film, but no one wanted the responsibility of trimming the film.

They reported their offices looked better, many privacy issues were resolved and that the installations were easy and hassle free.

Here privacy films protect patients privacy from people in the walkway and the parking lot also became less distracting to people in the office.  Lite Frost and Sandstone Privacy were used.



Fitness / Rehabilitation facility window wall decorated with Sky Blue Deco Tint

Trim to size made it easy to add privacy without darkening the room.

We are all busy and time is a precious resource.  Using Trimmed To Size allows you to transform glass doors and windows without sacrificing a lot of your time.

This company gym needed to add privacy without sacrificing the light.  Sky Blue Privacy Deco Tints were used.


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