Have A Wallpaper For Windows Design Customized

    With Wallpaper For Windows’s new ‘giclee’ print technology, we now have the ability to customize Wallpaper For Windows designs for you. Trimming designs to fit arched windows and door ovals, design resizing/scaling and some color changes are now possible. Want the medallions in the Monterey [...]

Sea Turtle Reef, Stained Glass Art For Windows And Glass Doors

A green sea turtle glides across a tropical reef teaming with clown fish, blue and yellow tangs, a sea horse, angel fish, butterfly fish and  more in this acclaimed piece of art by Boldwater; of Merritt Island, FL. Decorating windows and glass doors with the Sea Turtle Reef artwork is like hanging [...]
Stained Glass Palm Tree border on living room window.

Palm Tree Borders In Stained Glass And Etched Glass Now Availalble

If you like tropical and beach decor, you’ll love the new Palm Tree borders by Wallpaper For Windows. These decorative accents are an easy and affordable way to give windows, glass doors and mirrors a stylish new look. Palm tree borders are available with a stained glass or etched glass look and a [...]
French paned doors decorated with Ocean blue film.

Use Window Film Trim To Size Service For French Paned Doors And Windows

In the USA and Canada, the most popular French paned door is the 15-light door.  (10-light doors are second, 18-light third most popular.)  Decorative and privacy window films have become a very popular alternative to curtains and blinds, especially for doors which need to open and close.  When [...]
Wow Worthy Window Films – Window Films With Wow

Oct 4, 2013 – Remodeling and home improvement icon Bob Vila’s website released “Wow-Worthy Window Films: 11 Top Picks” by Marisa Villarreal.  For the article Marisa selected 11 designs with looks that wow.  Two designs selected were by Emma Jeffs and 9 designs were by Wallpaper For Windows. (We [...]
Savannah Privacy

Wearable Fall Fashions For Windows & Glass Doors

As fall 2013 fashions are starting to arrive at your favorite stores, we’re sharing some of the most wearable fall fashion trends for windows and glass doors. All fashions shown from Wallpaper For Windows.   Fall Fashion Trend: Get Graphic with Stained Glass Designs [singlepic id=356 w=320 h=240 [...]
Screen Shot Of Magnifier Tool

Website Upgrade Includes Product Magnifier

A great new feature of Wallpaper For Windows’s website upgrade is the ‘Product Magnifier’.  Now you can see the detail in the stained glass colors, the 3-d look of the leading lines and etched glass designs. This feature is available for any picture on a product page.  The magnifier box will appear [...]

Wallpaper For Windows Customer Reviews Received July 2013

Every month we have a number of customers who submit reviews of their recently completed Wallpaper For Windows project.  Overwhelmingly these reviews use the word Great to describe the product and the results.  As more people visit the Decorative Window Film blog than visit the review’s on [...]
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