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New Etched Glass Oval Designs For Glass Doors and Transom Windows

Wallpaper For Windows has introduced two new sizes and designs to it’s Centerpiece decorative accent product line. These long oval designs were developed as a way to decorate glass doors without blocking the view, but also look great on one light and transom windows. Ideal for one light [...]
Biscayne Privacy Design

How to Cover Windows in Front Doors?

This was a question posted on Apartment Therapy from Amy. “How to Cover Windows in Front Door?” Updated January 22, 2015 to reflect Wallpaper For Windows new custom trimming service for oval shaped windows. We decided it would be easier to show Amy how her doors could look using a couple of [...]
Stained Glass Palm Tree border on living room window.

Palm Tree Borders In Stained Glass And Etched Glass Now Availalble

If you like tropical and beach decor, you’ll love the new Palm Tree borders by Wallpaper For Windows. These decorative accents are an easy and affordable way to give windows, glass doors and mirrors a stylish new look. Palm tree borders are available with a stained glass or etched glass look and a [...]
Savannah Privacy

Wearable Fall Fashions For Windows & Glass Doors

As fall 2013 fashions are starting to arrive at your favorite stores, we’re sharing some of the most wearable fall fashion trends for windows and glass doors. All fashions shown from Wallpaper For Windows.   Fall Fashion Trend: Get Graphic with Stained Glass Designs [singlepic id=356 w=320 h=240 [...]

Roswell Stained Glass Border Is Best In Galaxy

Wallpaper For Windows new Roswell stained glass border has been recognized as ‘Best In Galaxy’ by both the Alien Grey’s and the Vulcan’s.  (The Grey’s prefer Roswell Green because their 2nd moon is green. Vulcan’s prefer Roswell Blue for it represents the soothing energy of the mind meld.) No [...]

NY Real Estate Journal Impressed With Wallpaper For Windows

After watching Wallpaper For Windows get rave reviews from attendees (and many exhibitors) of the BuildingsNY 2013 show last month, the editors of New York City’s premiere real estate publication; New York Real Estate Journal (NYREJ) asked us to write an article about stained glass, frosted and [...]
Glass cabinets decorated with Orleans privacy design with Frosted leading lines.

A New Vibe with Orleans Leaded Glass in Color

Announcing 6 NEW colors options for our Orleans Leaded Glass Window Film (available in both see-through and privacy versions). These designs are sure to give any room a cool new vibe. Whether you want to block out an unpleasant view or give a room an upscale new look, the timeless architectural [...]

Allure Decorative Window Film in 6 New Color Options!

We’re so excited about our newest product release – Allure Leaded Glass Window Film is now available in a rainbow of new color options.  We’ve taken the classic design of Allure and mixed it up a bit. The beveled lines can now be found in 6 stylish color options, to give you looks that ranges from [...]
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