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Tropical Oasis Etched Glass

Bring the Summer Home

It’s THAT time of year. We’re all obsessed with tropical beach fantasies. Palm trees and sandy beaches.  Beautiful sunsets over a tranquil shore. Some people will be lucky enough to get away for a beach vacation. But not everyone. Well… Wallpapers for Windows has made it easier than ever to bring [...]
Amber Privacy Deco Tint

Get Creative and Colorful with Deco Tint Window Film

Many of our customers like the ease and convenience of our Trimmed to Size Service. They like being able to select one of our decorative prints and then have us cut the film to their exact specifications. But then, there are other folks who like to get creative with their window film. They see a [...]
Mirage Stained Glass Privacy Window Film

Stained Glass Window Film – Add Beauty and Drama to Any Room

Updated August 2013 – There’s something special about the look of stained glass… that stunning blend of color, light and design. It adds beauty and drama to any room. With Wallpapers for Windows stained glass window film you’re able to enjoy the beauty of stained glass at a small fraction of the [...]
Big Bamboo Office Door Outside

Big Bamboo Gives A Fresh New Look to Office Door at Wallpaper For Windows

We were ready for a fresh new look here at the Wallpaper For Windows offices, and that’s just what our front door got with one of our newest design Big Bamboo Etched Glass Window Film.   We chose the see-thru version of this impressive, life-size bamboo design that decorates without fully [...]

Give Your Home a Makeover: Add Decorative Window Film to Your Sidelights

Give your home a whole new look. Adding decorative window film to your sidelights is an easy and affordable way to give your entryway a fresh new look. We have dozens of design styles to choose from, many in privacy versions. Trying to sell your home?  Our window film can give your house [...]
Island Oasis Door Panel (Privacy)

Relaxing Design: Island Oasis Door Panels and Centerpieces

Updated August 2013 – We’re bringing the tropics to you with our new Island Oasis Door Panel and Island Oasis Centerpiece design that combines palm trees, the ocean and beach imagery to create an idyllic stained glass tropical paradise for your home or business. This always relaxing design is a [...]

Ichthus Window Film: Symbol of Faith

We’re so excited about our latest window film design, the Ichthus or Christian Fish, The  Ichthus means ‘Christian here’ and has been used for centuries as a symbol of faith. We’ve used the Christian Fish as an integral part of the leaded glass frame, making the design both elegant and [...]
Monterey Bay Stained Glass Privacy Window Film 8 in x 86 in

More to Love: Monterey Prints Now Available in New Sizes

Our Monterey Sun and Monterey Bay Prints were instant hits.  Available in see-through and privacy versions, it’s impossible not to be attracted to their cool, timeless style. The Monterey Sun design features medallions on a grid of leading lines.  Perfect for sidelights, the Monterey Sun Stained [...]
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