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Stained Glass Palm Tree border on living room window.

Palm Tree Borders In Stained Glass And Etched Glass Now Availalble

If you like tropical and beach decor, you’ll love the new Palm Tree borders by Wallpaper For Windows. These decorative accents are an easy and affordable way to give windows, glass doors and mirrors a stylish new look. Palm tree borders are available with a stained glass or etched glass look and a [...]

Roswell Stained Glass Border Is Best In Galaxy

Wallpaper For Windows new Roswell stained glass border has been recognized as ‘Best In Galaxy’ by both the Alien Grey’s and the Vulcan’s.  (The Grey’s prefer Roswell Green because their 2nd moon is green. Vulcan’s prefer Roswell Blue for it represents the soothing energy of the mind meld.) No [...]

Wallpaper for Mirrors, Too!

We had to share these amazing before and after pictures from a happy customer in Oregon. She used our Trimmed to Size service to help get exactly the look she wanted. For more info, check out her post on Rate my Space – From 80’s Mirrors You Can’t Get Away From to WOW!
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