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Because you care about how it looks, Wallpaper For Windows™ is the decorative film for you.

There are many differences between decorative window films that use adhesive and adhesive-free decorative films like Wallpaper For Windows™. And those differences are as easy to understand, as they are to see. The chart below compares the differences between Wallpaper For Windows™ and the competition.

Recreating the beautiful richness of Frosted, Etched and Stained Glass; this special vinyl film is adhesive-free, easy to apply and has professional looking results.

Wallpaper For Windows™ is made to a standard that looks as good or better than real decorative glass. It will complement your homes aesthetics while achieving your goal of updated decor and improved privacy. Decorative films also save energy and reduce heat.

Compare Materials

Adhesive-Based Decorative Films

Wallpaper For Windows!™
Adhesive-Free Flms

The Films Used

Usually a 2-3 mil vinyl, polyester, or similar material


Why It Matters:

  • Some thin films are easy to crinkle or crease, but all thin films are very light and easily blown around by wind and drafts.
  • Some people find it difficult to handle a large piece and keep it from sticking to itself during installation.

Specially designed 8 mil adhesive-free vinyl film with UV inhibitors!


Why It Matters:

  • Provide better energy savings (cooler in summer, warmer in winter)
  • Easy to cut and trim
  • Resists wrinkling, creasing and tearing.
  • This adhesive-free film will not stick to itself or other things while you are peeling it from the backing paper and positioning it on the glass.
The Backing Paper

Thin backing papers can be difficult to lay flat for measuring, marking and cutting. Films with an acetate film as a backing can also be difficult to mark.

Our 10 pt backing is stiff enough that you can lay it out on a carpet for measuring and marking. The white color is excellent for drawing simple or complex shapes.

The Inks

About a 2-micron thickness of ink per color - up to 8 microns thick for stained glass colors.


Why It Matters:

  • Thin inks cannot create color vibrancy and are washed-out looking.
  • Thin ink layers will fade quicker than thick layers.
  • Thinner ink layers, are easier to scratch

7 microns per color - up to 28 microns thick for stained glass colors.


Why It Matters:

  • Thick ink and expensive pigments create a look as good as real decorative glass.
  • Our Frosted and Etched Glass inks contain a special glass pigment that refracts light like real etched glass.
  • At 28 microns thick, the Stained Glass colors have strength and vibrancy that resists fading.
  • Thick ink layers are durable and difficult to scratch.
  • A 3-year warranty (but it looks great for many more).



Adhesive-Based Decorative Films

Wallpaper For Windows!™
Adhesive-Free Flms

Tools Required

Installation kit recommended

Spray bottle with soapy water. Scissors or utility knife if trimming.


Thin adhesive films can easily wrinkle and sticks to itself, carpets,
window frames, clothes, etc.

8 mil film doesn't wrinkle or stick to itself, carpets, window frames OR etc.

Placement on Glass

One chance is all you have to get it right.

Easy to slide into proper position and can be repositioned if necessary.

Overall Ease of Installation

Difficult, that is why they recommend professional installation.

Easy, can be installed by any homeowner or renter with beautiful results.



Adhesive-Based Decorative Films

Wallpaper For Windows!™
Adhesive-Free Flms

Can it be reused?

Not a chance.

Yes, it can be applied and removed a number of times.

Materials required to remove

Film Removal kit recommended.

Only your fingers.

Time needed to remove

Hours, depending on amount of film being removed.

Less than 1 minute, regardless of area covered.

Overall Ease of Removal

Difficult and tedious.

Easy, Easy, Easy!

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