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Semi-Private Window Film

Window Film : Semi-Private Window Film
Ritz Semi-Privacy Window Film Avalon Privacy Etched Glass Window Film Semi-Privacy Stained Glass Window Film Etched Glass Semi-Private Window Film
  • Easy, Do It Yourself Decorating
  • Will reduce heat and save energy
  • Residential or Commercial Use
  • Adhesive Free Decorative Film
  • Fingerprint & Smudge Resistant
  • Cleans easily with Soap & Water

Semi-Private window films will reduce visibility into your home or office from the outside while allowing you to see out through the clear areas of the design.

The Frosted and Lite Frost areas of these Semi-Private designs provide privacy 24/7, lights on or lights off. Visibility is only through the clear areas of the design.

From decorative one-way films with 90 - 93% of the design privacy and only 7-10% clear; to partial privacy screens with 65% of the design privacy and 35% see-through, all one-way, semi-private and partial privacy designs reduce visibility from the outside looking in.

Each design has privacy coverage information and pictures to help you determine which design is best suited for your situation. Recommended for windows, glass doors, partitions, showers, etc..
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Tucson Semi-Private Film

Tucson Semi-Private Film

Priced from $29.95

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