What is Wallpaper For Windows?

Wallpaper For Windows is an adhesive-free, vinyl film that recreates the look and feel of expensive etched glass, stained glass, or frosted glass. It is easy to install, removable, and reusable. It increases privacy, reduces glare, and blocks 95% of damaging UV rays. It is available in a variety of sizes to fit most windows and glass doors.

I have seen lots of flimsy window film. Is your film like this?

No. All Wallpaper For Windows window films are made of high-quality 8-mil vinyl with UV protection and printed with quality inks. We’d rather sell the good stuff!

Does your product use any adhesive?

No. All Wallpaper For Windows window films are non-adhesive. They adhere to the glass surface by static cling.

Can Wallpaper For Windows be used on surfaces other than glass?

Yes. Our window film can be used on any smooth, nonporous surface — such as plexi-glass and lexan plastics.

Does your window film block out all sunlight?

No. It will diffuse sunlight, reduce glare, filter UV rays, while letting a more pleasant, natural light into the room.

Is Wallpaper For Windows easily applied? Can I do this myself?

Yes. Our adhesive-free (static cling) window film is a Do-It-Yourself project. It can be applied in minutes, but will last for years! An applicator squeegee is included in the box. The only other item that you need is a spray bottle with water and a couple drops of liquid soap. See our Installation Instructions for full details and photos.

Do you need some helpful hints on reading a tape measure?

For some great tips on reading a tape measure please see the diagram here.

Can this product be cut to fit my small sidelights?

Yes. Wallpaper For Windows can easily be cut to size with scissors or a utility knife. Just measure your windows; trace the pattern or size on the window film backing paper; and trim. Even a DIY beginner can do it!

Will the heat or cold affect Wallpaper For Windows products?

No. Our product is not affected by the elements. It actually insulates your glass, thereby reducing energy costs.

Can I use your window film on my shower doors or shower enclosure?

Yes, please do! Moisture will not affect this “wallpaper”,and it can be installed on the inside or outside. However, it is recommended that you install the window film on the outside of the enclosure for longevity. (Glass must be a smooth, non-textured glass.)

Once I have the window film installed, how do I clean it?

The best cleaner to use is soapy water, but you can use your normal glass cleaner as well.

I have an oval-shaped window. What patterns will work best for this window?

All of our designs are developed to be flexible. We have two types of designs: wallpaper designs and strong element designs. The “wallpaper” designs in both Etched Glass and Stained Glass are the most flexible. They can be used either vertically or horizontally, and they are easy to trim and fit any window (oval, arched, half-round, triangular, rectangular), cabinet doors, or shower enclosures.

How do I remove and store the Wallpaper For Windows film?

Easily! To remove, simply start in one corner to peel the vinyl off the surface. Because Wallpaper For Windows film is a non-adhesive static cling film, no messy residue is left on the surface. If you intend to use it on a different surface, it is best to do so immediately or store on the original backing paper.

How do I store the Wallpaper For Windows film?

When the window film is removed, some shrinkage will occur. So, to store the film for reuse later, return the product to the backing paper it came on, roll it up, and store in a dry place.

Is this window film Ortho Phthalate free?

Yes, Wallpaper for Windows is a Phthalate Free window film. It meets commercial and residential fire & building codes and California’s new Phthalate free regulations. Download MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet (PDF)

Can Wallpaper for Windows be used in commercial properties?

Certainly! Our customers use Wallpaper for Windows in churches, fitness centers, store fronts, offices buildings, hospitals, restaurants, schools / universities, day care centers, doctor / dentist offices and government buildings.

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