Wallpaper For Windows decorative window film is very easy to apply.

Installation Overview

Clean glass.

Nettoyez le verre.

Limpie el vidrio.

Wet glass with soapy water.

Mouillez le verre avec de l’eau savonneuse.

Humedezca el vidrio con agua jabonosa.

Remove from backing paper.

Retirez la pellicule protectrice.

Quite la pel¡cula del papel protector posterior.

Apply to wet glass and smooth with hands.

Appliquez sur le verre mouillé‚ et lissez avec la main.

Apl¡quela al vidrio h£medo y al¡selo con la mano.

Squeegee away water and air bubbles. (Squeegee included.)

Utilisez la raclette (incluse) pour retirer l’eau et les bulles d’air.

Use el Squeegee gratuito (suministrado) para eliminar las burbujas de agua y aire.

Before You Begin

  • Shower Enclosures – The film can be install on either the inside or outside of shower stall. For longevity install on the outside. Steam and moisture will not affect our products.
  • Wallpaper For Windows window film is typically installed on the room side of your glass doors. The side of the film contacting the backing paper is applied to the glass surface.
  • For large sizes (such as for sliding doors), we recommend that two people work together to perform the installation. Besides, it will be fun!
  • DO NOT WET the backing paper at any time.

Step-By-Step Installation Instructions

  1. Measure your glass surface, transpose the measurements onto backing paper, then trim to size with scissors or utility knife. A straight edge is helpful for long cuts. Add 1/2″ to 1″ to length before trimming. Perform final trim after installation on glass.

    TIP: When using multiple pieces, match pattern before trimming or removing from backing paper.

  2. Clean Glass. It is very important that the glass be clean.

    TIP: Use a scraper to remove any paint splatters or hard materials that may be stuck to the door or window, and clean thoroughly with any household window cleaner.

  3. After cleaning window, but before starting to apply, WASH YOUR HANDS. This prevents dirt and oils from your hands from getting between film and the glass as you apply it.
  4. Using a spray bottle filled with water and 1 to 2 drops of liquid soap (do not shake bottle), set spray bottle to a mist setting. Thoroughly WET GLASS, wetter is better.

    CAUTION: Make sure that NO WATER gets on backing paper.

    TIP: Completely wetting the glass makes it easiest to position the film & squeegee out air bubbles.

  5. Remove film completely from backing paper and position on glass. The side of the film touching the backing paper is applied to the glass surface.

    TIP: Use the side of your hand to smooth out any large bubbles. The film will then “float” on the glass for you to move into its final position.

    TIP: If film is misaligned just peel it off, re-spray, and reapply.

  6. Once in place, use your soap and water spray bottle to wet the front of the film, then squeegee out all air bubbles with the free applicator (squeegee) or a credit card. This will keep the squeegee from dragging on the film.

    TIP : Work from the center of the area to the edges.

    TIP: If an edge of the material will not lie flat, use a hair dryer on a low heat setting to warm the film until it becomes pliable. Remove heat and hold film in place for 60-90 seconds or until material cools to room temperature.

Removal and Storage for Re-use

  • To remove, simply peel the window film from any corner. It comes off cleanly leaving no residue.
  • When not in use, window film must be replaced and stored on the original backing paper. The side of the film that touched the glass should face the glossy side of the backing paper.