We asked our customers to respond to a brief survey about their experience with our Wallpaper For Windows adhesive-free film for windows and glass doors. The chart summarizes those responses.

I applied your window film in a matter of minutes. It’s exactly what we needed to decorate and add privacy to our bathroom windows and shower door.
Janice C. – Dallas, TX

We worried that someone would walk into our glass doors. Wallpaper For Windows makes the doors easy to see and adds to the rooms d‚cor.
Michelle G. – Chicago, IL

We didn’t like the view out of our kitchen window but wanted to keep the sunlight. The Grapevine Privacy was perfect. Thank you so much.
Pamela T. – Boston, MA

Our house is much cooler after putting Wallpaper For Windows on the windows that received the afternoon sun.
Maria F. – Miami, FL

The windows in the front of my house were so plain, now they look beautiful and expensive.
Grace H. – Charleston, WV

Our garage was always dark because we kept the verticals closed so people couldn’t see what was inside. The Austin privacy film let us open the blinds without worrying.
Evelyn S. – Phoenix, AZ

I love the look of my foyer since replacing my sidelight curtains with Wallpaper For Windows.
Donna R. – Toronto, ON

I don’t know why, but all the houses in our development have a large, clear glass window over the tub. We decorated ours with Wallpaper For Windows, and achieved the privacy we needed.
Gene L. – Santa Monica, CA

The window film is easier to keep clean than glass doors, it doesn’t show fingerprints and smudges.
Tina W. – Seattle, WA

After having had the Orleans on our storm door for 4 years we decided to redecorate. We purchased the Doral for our home and gave the Orleans to our daughter for her home. Even after 4 years, the Orleans still looks great.
Mary P. – NY, NY

Your decorative window film was a great replacement for a view of my neighbors Bar-B-que grill and patio chairs.
Dottie R. – San Diego, CA

The bad view through my glass doors was making it difficult to sell my condo. I installed Wallpaper for Windows and the doors became a selling point instead of a negative feature.
Joanna S. – Kansas City, MO

Creative Home Arts Club performed member testing on the Grapevine See Thru Stained Glass Window Film. The Member Tested Rating is 8.7 out of 10, among the highest received by any product tested.