Made-To-Size Replaces Trim-To-Size Service

Transform your living spaces effortlessly with Wallpaper for Windows’ innovative Made-to-Size Service, replacing our previous Trim-to-Size option. This upgraded service offers unmatched customization and convenience for your window film needs.

Sea turtles made to size for narrow french doors.
Sea Turtles artwork customized to fit narrow french doors.

What sets our Made-to-Size Service apart is the customization of Wallpaper for Windows’ stock designs to perfectly fit windows and glass doors. Choose from our extensive selection of patterns, colors, and designs. Add the design in the appropriate size to the shopping cart.

Then select the appropriate made to size service, (single pane, side-by-side, french panes, etc.) provide measurements and add to cart.  Repeat as needed.

Wallpaper For Windows will then size, center and balance them to fit your window or door. Whether you are covering a single pane of glass, an over/under window, or 15-light french-pane door, we customize it for $12.95.

Bid farewell to the time spent and hassle of matching patterns and trimming films. No matter the size or shape of your windows – from standard to uniquely irregular – our Made-to-Size Service guarantees a precise fit. Our service ensures a flawless, seamless fit every time.

Experience a stress-free installation process with our made-to-size approach. Each film arrives digitally cut to fit your window or door.  Forget about the need for special tools or professional assistance; our films come with a Free smoothing tool and easy-to-follow instructions for a smooth DIY project.

Wallpaper For Windows’ films offer more than just aesthetic appeal. Privacy films provide privacy 24/7, keeping prying eyes at bay while allowing natural light to filter through. Additionally, these films offer insulation benefits, helping regulate your home’s temperature and reducing energy costs – a win-win for style and functionality.

French paned doors decorated with tropical oasis etched glass.
Tropical Oasis made to size for french-paned doors.

Invest with confidence, knowing your window films are built to last. Crafted from high-quality materials, they can withstand the test of time. They will maintain their vibrant colors and pristine appearance for years to come.

By choosing Wallpaper for Windows, you’re making an environmentally responsible choice. Our window films are free of harmful chemicals, contributing to a greener planet while enhancing your home’s beauty.

Transom window decorated with Allure design.
Made-to-size is the way to decorate transom and arch windows.

In conclusion, Wallpaper for Windows’ new Made-to-Size Service offers unmatched style, convenience and functionality for your window film needs. Whether you seek privacy, energy efficiency, or enhanced aesthetics, our tailored window films, which can be customized from any of our stock designs, have got you covered. Transform your windows into captivating focal points with Wallpaper for Windows today!