Quiet a Barking Dog with Wallpaper For Windows Decorative Films

Updated July 2013 – Dogs have a lot to say, and they do it by barking. They bark to go out, to come in, to tell you a stranger’s in your yard, and at people, cars, and other animals.

Too much barking or barking at inappropriate times can be a problem. You want to be respectful of your neighbors as well as local laws, so you need to get your dog’s barking under control.

If you have a dog that barks at people or animals passing by the living room window or sliding glass door, remove the motivation to bark, by blocking their view of the outside with a product called Wallpaper For Windows.  It has been recommended by UCLA Veterinary College and canine training facilities across the country.

This DIY decorative window film is an easy fix for just such a problem.  Wallpaper For Windows is a static-cling (no adhesive) window film, and is very easy to install.  There are a variety of privacy designs and sizes available in etched glass, frosted glass, stained glass, and Deco Tint color tints.  Choose to cover just the bottom half of the window or glass door, or the entire glass based on your need.  The privacy effect keeps your dog from seeing the goings on outside, thus removing their motivation to bark.  If or when you want to take it down, just peel one of the upper corners and it comes right off.  It’s reusable too.  Wallpaper For Windows manages the situation beautifully.