Public Restrooms Get a Color Coded Update

Updated July 28, 2013 –  Contacted Country Woods RV Park.  It’s been over 3 years and the Deco Tint films are still being used and still look great according to the park manager.

For all establishments with gender specific restrooms, and or locker room/showers.
You may want to consider doing what was done at the Country Woods RV Park in Franklin, North Carolina.

In order to make it easier to distinguish the male from the female facilities, they used Deco Tint Color Film to color-code the windows and glass doors. Sky Blue on the side for men, and Dusty Rose for the ladies side. Everyone knows blue equals “Boy”, and pink equals “Girl”. It’s a fun way that gives symbolic distinction to each side, as well as adding privacy without losing the natural light during the day. At night the pastel shades add a colorful glow into the dark that lets people know where to go.

These easy to use static cling films are available in ten decorator colors, along with frosted and lite frost. Each decorator color is available in both a see-through and privacy version. The see-through colors ‘soften’ the view, one can still see out, but the view is muted. The privacy versions have all the benefits of frosted glass but in color, creating privacy without darkening the room. Colors range from very light tint colors such as Mint, Sky Blue, Sandstone, and Dusty Rose to more intense colors including Amber, Ocean Blue, Spring Green, Lavender, Morning Sun and Ruby Red.

As a do-it-yourself project, Deco Tints are easy to apply and enjoy good-looking results.
These adhesive-free films also save energy (cooler in summer, warmer in winter) and filter UV rays to protect carpet and furnishings.

Get creative with your windows and glass doors at: