Princess Tree House With Stained Glass

stained glass window demonstrates a way of decorating with Deco tints
Princess Madison in front of her stained glass window.

 Updated August 5, 2013 –  This post features an image from Country Almanac*, Issue #128, 2010 pg. 78

Thumbs up to Country Almanac, Fairy Princess Madison and her mom Betty, for this stained glass window and picture. This is a real colored glass window and it is pretty enough for a princess.

If you would like to decorate your castle with the beauty and color of stained glass without spending a kings fortune, Wallpaper For Windows Deco Tint films are the way to go.

These adhesive-free  window films are available in 10 decorator colors that can be arranged and combined to create a variety of unique looks (including a window like Princess Madison’s).

It’s an easy do-it-yourself project. The film is easy to trim to size using scissors or a utility knife, andto  apply using the Free applicator squeegee (included), water and a couple drops of liquid soap in a spray bottle.  If you prefer, you can have the film trimmed-to-size at the factory, making the project even quicker and easier.