New Looks For a Designer’s Rental Home

This post comes from “Better Homes & Gardens” magazine*, Oct 2009 issue, pg. 40.

This beautiful San Francisco living room has a common dilemma: keep the drapes open for light or closed for privacy? Look carefully through the windows, there is a line of parked cars on the street. Parked cars mean pedestrians, people that will be looking into your home when the curtains are open.

Whether privacy is an issue to you or not, this room and window provide the opportunity to demonstrate a variety of ways to decorate with Deco Tint window films.

Adhesive-free Deco Tints are ideal for homeowners and renters, easy to apply and when it is time to go or redecorate, easily removed by simply peeling from the glass.

Achieving these looks ranges in cost from $42 to $ 150. Time to trim and install should take about an hour for the accents to 2 hours to cover all the windows.

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The following colors are available in the Deco Tint Decorative Window Film collection. Each color is available in a see-thru and privacy version, click a color for details.