Customers Share Creative Solutions Using Wallpaper For Windows

Creative way to use decorative corners as a centerpiece.

We are always so happy to receive letters and photos from customers on how or where our product Wallpaper For Windows was used. We’ve been impressed with the different and creative ways our customers come up with to use the product, and solve their decorating dilemmas.

Thank you goes out to Dennis and Judy Schlittler for sharing this creative solution with us. The Schlettler’s were looking for a way to give a decorative focus to this glass door.
They originally wanted to use the Naples Corners with the Naples Centerpiece, but the dimension of the centerpiece was too large for the glass. Their solution; use two sets of the Naples Corners. One set was used at each of the four glass corners, and one set was butted together in the center of the glass to create a diamond shape focus. We think Dennis and Judy came up with a great way to give their ordinary glass an expensive, custom appearance. Great Job!

Please share with us, how Wallpaper For Windows solved your decorating dilemma, and don’t forget to include pictures. Thanks for sharing!