Christian Cross, A Stylish Accent and Reminder of Faith

Decorate windows, glass doors, mirrors and more with these frosted glass accents as a testament and reminder of your faith.  From a single Cross in the corner of a window to a border of Crosses to a large Cross on the middle of a door, there are many, many ways to adorn your decor.

Made with Wallpaper For Windows Frosted Glass, these adhesive-free decals will look great for years, are easy to apply, removable and reusable.

Each sheet has 15 frosted glass Crosses -3 large (12″x18 inches) and 12 medium (5.25″x 8.75 inches).  Enough to decorate your home/office and to share with your friends and church.

Large Christian Cross decorating dining room windows.
One or two in the corner of a window, door or mirror makes an elegant statement.
Decorating french doors with large and medium sized Christian Crosses.