Ichthus Window Film: Symbol of Faith

Ichthus, Christian Fish Symbol (See-Thru)

We’re so excited about our latest window film design, the Ichthus or Christian Fish, The  Ichthus means ‘Christian here’ and has been used for centuries as a symbol of faith.

We’ve used the Christian Fish as an integral part of the leaded glass frame, making the design both elegant and inspiring. When used as a door or window covering, Ichthus symbolizes a simple affirmation of the faith of those inside.

This design is available in a variety of sizes. Our SIX options range from 8 – 48 inches wide and as large as 86 inches tall.

Each of the six sizes is available in both privacy and see-thru versions! Our privacy version combines Lite Frost with the leading line grid. It obscures visibility through the glass without darkening your room.

The see-thru version features a leading line grid on a clear film. It allows complete visibility through the glass, plus the benefits of UV protection and energy savings.

Ichthus, Christian Fish Symbol (Privacy)
Ichthus, Christian Fish Symbol ( See-Thru)
Ichthus, Christian Fish Symbol (Privacy)