Amazing Colors and Style: Cambridge Door Panels

Cambridge III Door Panel (See-Thru)

We’re excited to introduce our latest series of leaded glass door and window designs – the Cambridge design series.  Our Cambridge door panels are an easy and affordable way to give an upscale, custom look to your glass doors and windows. These new designs will bring fresh, vibrant colors to your home or office.

Each of our 3 Cambridge panels has a unique color palette, all carefully balanced to enhance your windows and doors. All 3 variations are available in both privacy and see-thru options. And each is available in a variety of sizes.


The Cambridge I pattern is a blend of artful tones of blue (seen below, in see-thru).

The Cambridge IIpattern combines warm tones of amber, green and chestnut to create a strong, yet peaceful design. (seen below, in privacy)
The Cambridge III  pattern blends fresh and elegant soft shades of lavender, blue and green for universal charm (seen aside and below in both privacy and see-thru).


Cambridge I Door Panel (See-Thru)
Cambridge III Door Panel (Privacy)
Cambridge II Door Panel (Privacy)