Better Homes & Gardens – Privacy Windows

Privacy is especially important at the front door, where windows are particularly hard to cover. Treat your glass with an easy-on, easy-off film that’s like wallpaper for windows. Use a crafts knife to cut the film to size. Clean the glass, then spray it with a mix of water and a dab of liquid soap. Peel the film from its backing paper and position it on the glass; use your hand to smooth any large bubbles.

After positioning the film on the glass, wet the front of the film with a spray bottle. Working downward, squeegee out the bubbles. Reposition the film if necessary. Have a towel ready to catch the water at the base of the window.

Wallpaper for Windows (above), from EtchArt, Inc., is removable and reusable. The film is 16 x 74 inches and may be cut smaller.