Style at Home Canada’s Decorating Magazine

November 2004 – p. 195


My living room doesn’t get a lot of light. One of the main sources is the windows in an adjacent vestibule. I like the light from those windows but need privacy from the busy street. Any ideas?
Laura Oakley, Victoria


There are a few options that would allow light to filter through the vestibule and still maintain your privacy The simplest is a cling-on film called Wallpaper for Windows (see photograph, below). According to Larry Cashion, president of Wallpaper for Windows (8OO-320-8439,, this product offers privacy (if needed) and also gives a door or window an attractive frosted-glass look. The film can be removed easily and comes in many designs for partial views or a solid finish that resembles frosted glass. Its available at The Home Depot Canada, and many wallpaper and paint retailers. (Use their website to locate the dealer nearest you.)

You can also have the windows permanently etched or frosted, a costly procedure that must be done by a professional.