Decorating Entryway Doors with Sidelights

Decorative Options

Stained glass

Give your front door and sidelight a whole new look with Wallpaper for Windows™ see-thru stained glass designs which decorate without blocking the view. For minimal cost, you can give your home some serious curb appeal! Stained glass gives a custom look that is eye-catching day and night.

Allure Leaded Glass Decorative Window Film
Allure Leaded Glass Black  (see-thru version)
Give you front door and sidelight a whole new look with Wallpaper for Windows™ stained glass panels. Mandalay See-Thru shown.
Mandalay Stained Glass  (see-thru version)
Create a beautiful custom look that lets the light through while adding privacy with Grapevine See-Thru..
Grapevine Stained Glass     (see-thru version)











The materials required depend upon the size of your door and sidelight. Trimming and installation should take less than 30 minutes.


Centerpiece and matching sidelight

Eden accents create visual interest when installed with matching Eden etched glass film.
Eden See-Thru, Eden Centerpiece & Eden Corners.
Biscayne Stained Glass Oval, Biscayne Stained Glass Corner Accents












Create visual interest with matching sidelights and accents on the glass entry door. A centerpiece with corner accents creates visual interest and is another option for decorating without blocking the view.

First center the centerpiece on the door. Trim a panel so that it fits the width and height of the sidelight. The Eden Centerpiece with a matching Eden sidelight works well as a door and sidelight window treatment. Add matching corner accents for more detail.

Trimming and installation should take less than 30 minutes.

Privacy Options

Full coverage

Odyssey Stained Glass Decorative Film
Odyssey Stained Glass
Achieve the look of stained glass as if your door cost hundreds of dollars will full coverage panels. Atlantis shown.
Atlantis Stained Glass
Provide privacy and mask unpleasant views with Everleaf Privacy.
Everleaf Etched Glass

Cover your door and sidelight completely with a Wallpaper for Windows™ privacy design and you have a custom entryway that looks as if it cost hundreds of dollars. These privacy treatments can also be used to hide a bad view.

The size of your door and sidelight will determine the size of the panels you need. Allocate 30 to 45 minutes for trimming and installation.

The designs shown on this blog post (and many more designs) are available at Wallpaper For Windows

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  1. Gloria says:

    How may I decorate a French door opening onto a deck from a bedroom. There are sidelights beside it that are vented. We don’t want to obstruct the view but need privacy at night. We are putting 3.5″ plantation shutters at the three windows in the room. We have a lever handle and plantation shutters would have to be mounted on a frame to allow shutters to open and close, and it would need to be cut out to allow the lever to open. If blinds were used, when drawn up, they would stack and obstruct the view. What about draperies. What options do you suggest? Thanks!

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