Decorating With Color Just Got Easier!

Deco Tint Adhesive-Free Decorator Window Tint

From stained glass accents to decorative focal points, this hot new decorating trend helps create the perfect look for you and your space.

July 27, 2013 Updated –  Deco Tint’s are a new way to decorate windows, glass doors, mirrors, shower doors/enclosures, glass tables, cabinets and more with the beauty of colored glass. These special adhesive-free tint films are available in 12 decorator colors, are a great decorating value (affordable), easily applied and will look great for years.

Decorating with color just got easier with Deco Tint adhesive-free tint films.

Deco-Tint special adhesive-free tint films look like stained glass.Give your windows the beauty of colorful stained glass. Ocean & Sky Blue shown.12 decorator colors to match any decor, Deco-Tints adhesive-free tint films look like stained glass.



















In addition to looking good, Deco Tint color film’s also save energy, and filter UV rays. The adhesive-free cling film is reusable and when it’s time to redecorate, can be removed in minutes without tools.

Your color choices range from the lighter shades of Sky Blue, Mint, Dusty Rose and Sandstone to brighter colors named Amber, Ocean Blue,  Spring Green, Lavender, Ruby Red and Golden Yellow.

amberdusty roselavendermintgolden-yellowocean-blueruby-redsandstoneskt-bluespring-green


Each Deco Tint color is available in a privacy and see-thru version.  See-thru colors also “soften” the view through the glass

Deco Tint Decorating Guide

Learn about the many ways  Deco Tint’s can be used to improve your living space.

Whether for fun or function, Deco Tint’s are a great way  to add color to your living space.

  • Use color to energize or calm a room.
  • Stylishly Add privacy to windows and glass doors.
  • Decoratively “Soften” the view through the glass.
  • Be bold or understated,  pick colors that make you happy.

Life is more beautiful with see-thru Deco Tints!

See-thru Deco Tints “soften” the view through the glass. You can still see out, but the view is less distinct and the outside world less distracting.

Deco Tint See-ThruSoften the view of Parking Lots and Commercial Properties










Stop Living Behind Closed Blinds!

Privacy Deco Tint’s offer stylish and affordable new options for adding privacy to windows, glass doors, shower enclosures, conference rooms, etc. without sacrificing the natural light. Provides privacy day and night, lights on or lights off.

Enjoy privacy from nosy neighbors and passersby day and night.

Privacy window film is also recommended for hiding an unfortunate or bad view.

Privacy Deco Tints are opaque, providing maxiumum privacy while allowing light to enter the room.Real glass particles give Deco Tints the sparkle and shine of expensive decorative glass.









From adding a “hint” of color to a “splash” of colors,     Deco Tint’s can create the perfect look for you.

To enjoy a custom new look with a “hint” of color, cover just a few panes of glass or part of a window with Deco Tint.

Enjoy a custom new look with a “hint” of color. Ocean Blue shown










Need a little more than a hint of color?  Maybe a “Touch” of color is what you desire.  Use more of the same color or add a second color.

Maybe a “Touch” of color is what you desire. Ocean Blue shown.Add a second color. Ocean Blue with Golden Yellow.










With 12 decorator colors to work with, Deco Tints can satisfy even the greatest color craving.


Or is it a “splash” of colors that fills your need?  With 12 decorator colors to work with, Deco Tints can satisfy even the greatest color craving.

Deco Tint Films are part of the Wallpaper For Windows brand of home and commercial films.  Over 60 privacy, stained glass, frosted glass, leaded glass and etched glass designs available.