Wallpaper for Windows a good option for homeowners – MyCentralJersey.com


With the economy still stuck in a recession, spending a lot of money on home improvements is not possible for many homeowners. But there are plenty of easy, in expensive, energy-efficient options available to keep your home decorated and looking good – especially of you are putting it up for sale.

One of those options is Wallpaper for Windows, a Florida-based company represented at three Central Jersey businesses: LML Designs, 1756 Sleepy Hollow Lane in Plainfield (908-403-1941); Room with a View, 128 Lyons Road in the Basking Ridge section of Bernard’s (908-766-0715), and Robert Scherer Window Fashions, 3 Greenwich Road in Edison (732-906-8040).

Wallpaper for Windows features patterns that are simple to apply on your own in as little as an hour or less.

One of their top patterns, “Tropical Oasis,” is great for sliding glass doors. Linda Lies, the president of LML Designs, is a big believer in Wallpaper for Windows and even used the product on a recent “Restaurant Restoration” project in Morristown.

“I think it’s a wonderful product,” said Lies, who has been in the home-staging business for 4 ½ years and does a lot of work in Plainfield, Westfield and Scotch Plains. “The restaurant in Morristown was an old, old building. The front windows were stained and couldn’t be fixed. Rather than getting new windows and doors, we used these (Wallpaper for Windows) – ones that had a decorative image on them – on there and it looked wonderful.”

Lies says Wallpaper for Windows is ideal for homeowners looking to stage their home for resale and is best-used on windows without a nice view, bathroom windows where privacy is needed, or other windows where a traditional treatment is not desired. Interior, exterior and shower doors are also a great fit.

Wallpaper for Windows also is energy-efficient – the vinyl film insulates glass – and the installation process is simple:

  • DO NOT GET BACKING PAPER WET! Use a craft knife to cut the wallpaper film to size. Clean the glass, and then spray the glass with a mixed solution of water and a drop of soap. Peel the film from its backing paper and position it onto the glass.
  • After positioning the film on the glass, wet the front of the film with the same water based solution.
  • Working downward, squeegee out the bubbles. Reposition the film if necessary.