Do It Yourself Window Decorating

Decorative Options


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If you are looking to update boring windows and give them an expensive, custom look, centerpieces are a wonderful way to go. Centerpieces will add instant drama to your windows without blocking the view. The Biscayne centerpiece pictured here adds elegance without compromising light or view.

Centerpieces can be installed in about five minutes, and are a stylish solution that adds some pizzazz to your decor. Centerpieces do not require any trimming . . . just place and press!

Centerpieces with Accents

Add even more pizzazz to your windows with Doral Centerpiece and matching accents.

To add even more pizzazz to your windows without obstructing the view, try adding matching accents to the centerpiece. The result will be a distinctive, custom look.

The Doral centerpiece with corner accents pictured here is an easy way to update your window.

Again, no trimming or cutting is required. All you need to achieve this look is about five minutes!


Reno borders adds a beautiful touch to windows.

Looking to decorate your windows but want something understated and simple? Try using a simple border. There are many ways you can use a border, and all lead to beautiful results. You can place borders across the top and / or bottom of your window or place them vertically down the sides to create a sense of height.

It will take about 10 minutes to trim your design, and another 10 minutes per window for installation.

Stained glass

Add color to your decor with Grapevine See-Thru stained glass.

If you are looking to add a custom look and some color to your decor but don’t want to spend a lot of money, stained glass deisgns may provide the answer you are looking for. Stained glass is beautiful and colorful, adds interest, and is available in clear designs which do not obstruct the outside view and privacy designs which obscure the view. From the entranceway to the kitchen, to the living room and bedrooms, stained glass designs bring a beautiful energy to a room.

It will take about 15 minutes to trim the design, and another 10 or 15 minutes to install.

Privacy Options

Full coverage

Add beauty and privacy with Glass Block etched glass.

If you are looking for complete privacy and an elegant look, there are several designs that will provide full coverage while adding beauty to your home. Perhaps you have a bathroom window that you feel reveals too much?

Try one of the many patterns designed to promote privacy while also adding beauty to your home. These will cover your windows completely but will still allow light to filter through. You can trim the design to fit the size of your window if needed.

Allow about 15 minutes for trimming, and another 15 minutes for installation.

Half coverage

Adding beauty and privacy with Everleaf etched glass half window screen.

If you are looking to add some privacy but also see out, a half window screen might do the trick. For this treatment, apply the decorative panel to the bottom half of the window only. A half screen on a window of normal height will usually screen those in the room from the shoulders down.

The designs are easily trimmed to fit the bottom half of your window. This should take about 15 minutes. Installation will take another 10 or 15 minutes.

Privacy stained glass

Decorating with Savannah stained glass as a half window screen.

Do you love the look of stained glass but also need some privacy? Well, you are in luck! Stained glass privacy designs are available that will give you color, beauty, and privacy all at the same time! You can choose to cover your whole window, or just half.

Expect trimming to take about 15 minutes per window, while installation will take another 10 or 15 minutes.

In the end, you’ll have a beautiful custom look that cost you much less than it looks!