Decorate French Pane Doors

Updated Aug 2013 – Wallpaper For Windows decorative films are a beautiful and simple way to decorate and add privacy to multi-pane French doors (and windows).  There are over 50 etched glass, frosted glass, stained glass designs that are recommended for French paned doors.  The new Deco Tint films are a great way to make the glass panes look like expensive colored glass, use one color for a hint of color or a combination of Deco Tint colors to create a splash of color.  Decorate all or some of the panes to create your own custom look.  All Wallpaper For Windows designs are easily trimmed to fit these smaller panes of glass.

Make the project even easier and have the film trimmed to size at the factory so that when it arrives, the film is pre-cut and ready to be applied to the glass.  Each pane will only take a minute to apply, so in less than 15 minutes (and for less than $50), you can give your French door a new custom look.  Here are a few examples using Deco Tint films on french-paned doors.

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