Decorating One Light Glass Entry Doors

Decorative Options

Center panels

doral16-doublefrenchdoorsGive ordinary doors a new look by covering them with Wallpaper for Windows™ decorative panels. Add interest to your doors while still allowing for light and views! You’ll enjoy a little privacy, too!

To get this look you will need one 16” by 74” panel per door. Doral, Ritz and South Beach work well for this treatment.  Depending upon the size of your doors, you might need to trim the length.  Once the pieces are trimmed, center them in the middle of the door.



Centerpiece Designs, An Easy Way to Make a Big Difference

Centerpiece designs add visual interest without blocking the view.  A centerpiece is an easy and affordable way to dress up a glass door.

No trimming is necessary. Just place the centerpiece in the middle of the door. Want to add a little more decoration?  Add matching corner accents or matching borders.

With centerpiece and corner designs no trimming should be needed, expect installation to take a total of 10 to 15 minutes.

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Privacy Options

From Partial to Comple Privacy is easy to achieve.

If you are looking for privacy and security, Wallpaper for Windows™ is a great way to get it without compromising the good looks of an entrance.

Looking for something timeless? Try the Orleans, Ritz or Monte Carlo etched glass design. Looking for something a little more colorful? Try the Biscayne, Mandalay or Napa stained glass design with privacy feature.  Something without a pattern?  Frost, Lite Frost and the Deco Tint colors are what you seek.  Many more beautiful designs from which to choose, visit website for the most complete info.

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