How Secure Are Your Home & Belongings?

Cannabis Leaf Privacy (bottom) Clear (top)

Mary a customer from NC came home one night, and the upstairs lights were on in her home.  Mary was shocked to see that she could easily see into her bedrooms, and that if she could, anyone could. “I never thought about it.  I didn’t realize how easy it is to look inside a home at night with the inside lights on, even upstairs.”

Are you secure?  Take this test yourself.  At night turn on the lights inside your home, walk outside and take a look.  What do you see?

Mary found the solution was to put Wallpaper For Windows on the bottom half of her upstairs windows.  That way if someone is outside and looking up they can’t see in, but with the top half of the window uncovered she can still look out.

I took the test and sure enough you could see easily into my son’s bedroom.  So now he has the Cannabis Leaf privacy design on the bottom half of the window, and the Cannabis Leaf clear on the top half.  He loves the design, and that he’s no longer on display.

Outside View

One thought on “How Secure Are Your Home & Belongings?

  1. Zelda Walters says:

    that is so cool. the pot leaf design is very subtle and i don’t think that many people would even recognize it.

    In college i had a 2nd story apartment that needed privacy on the bottom window because people in the parking lot would see way too much of me if i went near the window! 🙂

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