Decorate Sliding Glass Doors With Frosted Glass Designs

This home has a situation that is common to many floor plans, a master bedroom with sliders that open onto a back porch. (before photo)

They need improved privacy (from their neighbors and people on the porch) and don’t want to look at the back of their neighbor’s house all day.

The owners preferred frosted glass or etched glass over colored glass so we suggested these Wallpaper For Windows designs; South Beach, Ritz, Monte Carlo, Doral and Orleans. (pictured below)

As you can see, frosted glass is a beautiful way to transform ordinary glass doors into expensive looking custom doors and these designs also achieve the goals of improved privacy and eliminating the bad view.

Any homeowner or renter can easily install these products. Made with a special 8mil thick adhesive-free vinyl film, Wallpaper For Windows will give your sliders a beautiful look for many years. (3yr manufacturers warranty, but 10+ years is not uncommon) Being adhesive-free, Wallpaper For Windows is easily removed from the glass when it is time to redecorate. Additional benefits include energy savings and filtering of UV rays.

These are standard height sliders with 3ft doors (often called standard 6ft sliders).

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2 thoughts on “Decorate Sliding Glass Doors With Frosted Glass Designs

  1. Bill Evans says:

    nice Post!! Regardless of the area that your frosted glass office partitions are used, they will be able to withstand the general wear and tear of every day use. The frosted film that is applied to the glass’s surface will not shrink, curl or bubble due to heat, cold or even water.

    • Design Team says:

      Thank you Evans Glass for the nice and accurate comment.
      Wallpaper For Windows Adhesive-Free Decorative Film offers triple the benefits:
      Beauty, Privacy and Energy Savings.

      If you have any questions we can be reached Monday – Friday 9:00 to 5:30 EST.

      Best regards,
      Wallpaper For Windows

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