Garden Window Becomes Aquarium

For people without a green thumb, the idea of a garden window is much different than the reality of having a garden window.  Without plants, garden windows are great for holding nick-nacks and catching dust.

Now there is a third option, turn the window into a maintenance-free aquarium.  This garden window is definitely one of the most creative uses of Deco Tint colored window film we have seen.

garden window transformed into an aquarium.
Garden window is turned into an aquarium.

If you haven’t already, take a good look at the picture above to fully appreciate the attention to detail.  The fish, turtles and sculpted rock bottom in the aquarium, plus the fish food, net and aquarium light above tie it all together.

The water is an Ocean Blue Deco Tint applied to the back and sides of the window (tint is on the outside of the glass).  One 24″ x 43″ piece is all it took to do it.

Adhesive-free Wallpaper For Windows decorative film is easy to trim and apply.