Windows Can Now Be ‘Trimmed to Size’

EtchArt’s President Larry Cashion discusses Wallpaper For Windows new “Trimmed To Size at the Factory” program.A dramatic arrangement of Ruby and Sandstone Deco Tint colors.

“Today the ‘Trimmed to Size’ program began accepting orders for windows.  Multi-Pane windows, small, medium and large windows are even easier to decorate and/or add privacy than before.”

“It doesn’t matter if you need a sheet  trimmed into one or two pieces or 15 pieces, it is only $6.50 per sheet.  And we trim to create the best looking results for the customer.  Designs that have patterns such as Biscayne, Monte Carlo, Napa, etc. are trimmed to be balanced and centered.”

“When the film is trimmed to size at the factory, all the customer has to do is wet the glass, peel the pre-cut piece from the backing paper and apply.  A project that previously took 30 – 60 minutes can now be finished in 10 – 15 minutes.”

Over the years hundreds of thousands of people have trimmed and installed Wallpaper For Windows with beautiful results.  We realized that if we could eliminate the most time-consuming and stressful part of a window film project, it would be a benefit for our customers.  So we have purchased and designed some specialized equipment and developed the capability of trimming the product for our customers.”

“Now people who are not confidant in their trimming skills or who don’t want to be concerned about making a mistake can enjoy the beauty and benefits of Wallpaper For Windows.  Others will appreciate not having to do the trimming, understanding that having a sheet trimmed to size for $6.50 is a great deal and big time-saver.”