Creative Window Treatment Provides Partial Privacy

Updated July 2013 – Another creative person has been nice enough to share how she used the Everleaf privacy window film design by Wallpaper For Windows to create this unique and stylish window treatment.

window film design everleaf by Wallpaper For Windows on 9 light doorWe don’t have a before picture, but the problem she had, was needing privacy on the top-half of this 9 light window in her door.  The fence provides privacy for the bottom half of the window, so covering the top half was all that she wanted to do.  But she was not stopping at having a window covering, she wanted a window treatment.

She accomplished that by cutting some of the leftover Everleaf into the pieces you see on the middle and bottom window panes to add style and interest.

Many windows on the second and third floor have exactly the opposite problem, they need privacy on the bottom-half of the window and want to see out the top.  By reversing this arrangement, this window treatment becomes an ideal solution for adding privacy to the bottom-half or a window while adding a decorative accent to the rest of the glass panes.

Other people would like to know about your project.  Please share your ideas and uses of Wallpaper For Windows with others by emailing them to customer service.  Pictures and videos welcome.  🙂