Hide A Home’s Bad View With Decorative Window Film

Before picture looking out of living room windows.
Pedestrians and cars parked on the street create a living room with a bad view and no privacy.
July 2013 – This post has been updated to reflect the new product categories and Trim-To-Size service now available. These images use Deco Tint films, there are now over 50 etched and stained glass designs available.

What happens if you like your house but hate the view? Maybe you are looking at meters hanging off of your neighbor’s home. Perhaps your window overlooks: an alley, a parking lot, or worse, a dumpster? Maybe when you purchased the property the view was unobstructed, but  now you’ve gained a bird’s-eye view of neighbors who sunbathe? Often home-buyers don’t consider the view until its too late, or maybe they buy into a developing neighborhood and now the construction vehicles pass by the kitchen window daily? Or, what if it’s your neighbors who doesn’t care about privacy and you see more than you’d like to of their home life?

Let’s look at some of the options. Curtains or drapes are one of the first considered solutions. But perhaps all that fabric doesn’t match your design aesthetic; plus, it needs to be manipulated daily and cancels out the available light. Blinds are another answer but besides being costly to buy and install, they are dust-catchers and usually uninspiring. Screens and shutters might suffice but they, too, attract dirt and must be manually moved, opened or closed. Hedges and green shrubs are a thought, but police in any city will tell you that fence walls, tall shrubs and hedges obscuring windows often make great places for criminals to hide and is not recommended.

Sky Blue Privacy Deco Tint is an excellent choice for adding privacy to this window with a street view.
A much better alternative is to use Wallpaper for Windows™ adhesive-free window film. Wallpaper For Windows manufactures Privacy Window Films which decoratively block the view, One-Way Window Film which lets you see out while preventing others from seeing inside (visibility out is reduced at night), and Semi-Private Films which greatly reduce visibility through the glass. They look expensive, but the costs are considerably less than the other alternatives and you can do-it-yourself. With its static-cling properties, Wallpaper For Windows can be applied to any glass or smooth, non-porous surface such as plexiglass and Lexan.

The designs are varied, from a timeless Frosted look to geometric’s to vines in both etched glass and a myriad of stained glass looks.  Plus the film’s UV protection prevents valuable furniture and carpet from fading as it filters out 95% of damaging rays. In areas with full sun, the film diffuses glare and harsh sun while still allowing light into the room. Wallpaper for Windows™ is easy to apply and remove (when the time comes).  Installation only requires a spray bottle with water and the Free squeegee / smoothing tool that is included.   And now there is the option of having your film pre-trimmed at the factory. It’s a time saving option that makes decorating any window or door an easy 15 – 20 minute project.

Wallpaper For Windows window film is best value in decorating.

Notice the great view of the house across the street.
Notice the great view of the house across the street.
…. A dramatic arrangement of Ruby and Sandstone Deco Tint colors.

3 thoughts on “Hide A Home’s Bad View With Decorative Window Film

  1. Janet Milam says:

    Will any of these work to cover mirrored sliding closset doors. I am sick of the mirrors & was thinking of wallpaper. Then I saw this sight & just woundered if they would work over a mirror?

    Thanks Janet

    • Design Team says:

      Wallpaper For Windows is excellent for transforming mirrored closet doors into something unique and stylish. See-thru designs retain some of the reflective properties of the doors. Using a privacy or semi-private design will eliminate the reflective properties while giving the doors a beautiful new look.

      Frost and Deco Tints are great for those that do not want a pattern or design.. Designs like Biscayne, Savannah, Tropical Oasis, Pebble, Austin, Everleaf and Eden are a few of the designs that are regularly used to cover mirrored closet doors.

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