Customer Reviews From July 2011

Approximately one month after we ship an order of Wallpaper For Windows to a customer we send a follow-up email to make sure they are satisfied with the product they ordered and the service they received.

We get many replies per month, many just giving a star rating or brief answer. But often people leave some very nice comments about their experience that we appreciate and want to share with you.
(You can see all the comments that have been submitted at: Wallpaper For Windows CustomerLobby Reviews )

Below are a few of the comments we received in July 2011:

An amazing transformation of ordinary windows!

Lite Frost Window Film
Use lite frost window film to add privacy and soften the light through french doors.
I could have spent ten times more on other types of window  treatments (and have in the past). I never really considered this route before until I got tired of my wood blinds on an entry door slapping about and making noise every time I opened or closed the door. When I found the Wallpaper For Windows web site, my wife and I looked it over with a skeptical attitude, but decided to give it a try for two different windows. One is the previously mentioned door. The other is a six foot transom window I just installed in a hallway as part of a larger renovation project on a early 60’s ranch house. For the door we went with the light frost, and that worked out to be just what the doctor ordered. A nice balance of privacy and light. On the transom, the Avalon pattern was our choice. The effect with the Avalon pattern is spectacular and was the capstone of that whole renovation project. The cut to order service is worth every penny, especially for the films with patterns–they will center the pattern to your window. I am thrilled with the product quality, the ease of installation, and the promptness which I received my order. My wife and I are now raving fans.

by Royal on 07/09/2011  

Frosted Window Product

orleans porch sliders
Sliding glass doors decorated with the etched glass Orleans design.
Hi, We just wanted to say that our order for the “Frosted” window product was the perfect solution to masking the back of our copier, postage machine and mailing scale that sits on a credenza in our front office window. We measured the window space and submitted the dimensions online, which you custom cut and sent to us. It fit perfectly and i nstallation was so easy! We still have the upper portion of the window clear for our view and a more professional look without the clutter of the backs of machines to passers by. Thanks for a simple, professional and efficient solution!..

by J. Gray – Ski Dazzle on 07/28/2011

Great Company!

I ordered some “wallpaper for windows” decals for my patio doors – they are awesome! Not to mention the company they came from… fast shipping – great communication! I will definitely recommend this website to my friends and family ….and I will be back too! Thank you. Jenny Hoerst …

by Jenny on 07/19/2011

Allure Etched Glass on Sidelight
This etched glass design is timeless on sidelghts.

Absolutely Perfect

We received our wallpaper for windows for our front door sidelights

2 days after ordering. Nothing special, no upcharge, just standard shipping. We had them cut to size and they were a perfect fit. Went on easily, about 20 minutes total to do both sidelights. Looks great both inside and out. We could not be happier – and only cost $44 instead o f $4000 for a new door to solve the same problem!

by Rob in Cincy on 07/08/2011