Stained Glass Deco Tint’s Available In New Smaller Size

From country to contemporary decorators are now using colored glass to give a designer look Ocean Blue and Sky Blue Deco Tint colors accent a reading french-paned windows and glass doors.  The Deco Tint window films by Wallpaper For Windows make it easy to transform existing 10, 12, 15 and 18 light french doors into doors that are unique and stylish by accessorizing the glass panes with color.

For french paned windows, add stained glass color to a few panes of glass for a beautiful addition to the decor.  Light brings the color into the room while addingA few panes of stained glass color adds to the decor. a positive energy and ambiance to the room.

This new size, 24 inches x 14 inches (or 14 inches x 24 inches) makes it easy and affordable to decorate french-paned windows and doors with a combination of stained glass colors.  The sizes of glass panes varies, but each sheet typically cover 2 – 6 panes of glass.

Here are a few pictures that demonstrate how the Deco Tint colored glass gives everyday glass doors and windows a custom look.


French Paned door with stained glass.  DecoTints on French Pane Door

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