Make the Most of Natural Light

We’re excited to share these Easy Decorating Tips for Your Home from Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford (especially #3)

The softer side of home improvement gets some attention as we dig into the art of making your home match your personality. We’ll focus on getting the most for your design dollar, and the best methods of doing it yourself.

Tip #1: Camouflage with Color

Paint large pieces – such as a built-in bookcase – a complementary color to the walls, rather than the color of the woodwork. This will allow the piece to blend in with the décor, rather than overpowering the room.


Tip #2: Sometimes Less Is More

To avoid a cluttered or over decorated appearance in a room, don’t fill shelves to capacity. Instead, remove everything from the shelves, then reuse a limited number of items in a mix of colors to serve as focal points.

Tip #3: Make the Most of Natural Light

While windows and glass doors are a great way to bring natural light into a room, too much of a good thing can cause glare and damage or fade furniture, fabrics, and flooring.

Etched Glass Window Film











One way to solve the problem is by applying a nonadhesive window film to the glass. Window film is available in a wide range of colors and patterns from frosted to etched to stained glass.

To apply decorative window film to glass doors or windows:

    • Cut the window film to size.
    • Mix a mild solution of soap and water.
    • Spray the solution on the glass.
    • Carefully apply the film to the glass.
    • Use credit card to remove air bubbles

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