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Eden Etched Glass Film – Privacy

A Fan in Brooklyn, NY

I want to say I had been looking for a long time for a film that is non-adhesive. I live in an apt building in Brooklyn NY and have several windows facing another apartment building across the street and face to the West as well. In the summer the sun beats in these windows for hours and it made the rooms very hot and it would take hours to cool down with the AC $$$$. I got the first set toward the end of the summer and noticed right away when the sun was beaming in, the film remained cool to the touch. I really like the way the Privacy film not only diffuses the Sunlight into a nice warm glow, but it is so opaque that I cannot even see the bricks of the building outside on my window sill. I just ordered another set that will be precut, which is also a great convenience. Just peel and stick on the window. I spoke to the staff and they were very helpful and friendly. I am very pleased and I hope this review helps, I would totally recommend this site and products to a friend. I actually gave some of the extra scrape pieces to friends to test on their windows.

by Donald – Brooklyn, NY December 29th, 2011

Excellent Product

I had to cover two French doors almost 8 feet tall and I was concerned about keeping everything square. Obviously it took two people, but it wasn’t hard at all. Turns out that the film actually slides over the water and so it’s easily moveable. The final project turned out quite well. Thanks for a great product!

by Michelle in New Orleans December 30th, 2011

No regrets – Easy to Install

I bought a privacy “wallpaper/window paper” and installed it in minutes. took about 1/2 hour for both windows. The pre-cutting was really helpful.

With the pattern I chose, light comes in through the pebble pattern, but no one can see in, even with the lights on. AND it looks great!

by Barbara B December 28th, 2011

Finally Privacy with Natural Light in My Bathroom!

Wallpaper for Windows privacy film was really simple to put on my window and it looks great! Not to mention that I now have natural light in the bathroom and privacy! Would definitely order other window films from W4W!!! Love it! Great product!

by japeder76 January 2nd, 2012