Designer (and Durable) Privacy for Your Sidelights

Orleans Decorative Etched Glass Film

Updated July 30, 2013 – We want to share a recent customer’s problem, as it a common question/situation.  She has 2 dogs and the front of her home has a sidelight on each side of the door. She needs a window treatment that will provide privacy to prevent people from looking into her home.

She’s tried curtains, but whenever people walk by or come to the door, her dogs keep ruining them as they try to look outside.

Wallpapers for Windows to the rescue! By applying our durable, adhesive-free window film to the outside of her sidelights.  The decorative window film will provide her and her family with the privacy they need, while allowing her dogs to rub their noses right up against the windows and NOT damage the window film.

Stained Glass Film Odyssey Decorating Sidelight and Arched Window
Odyssey Stained Glass Design is beautiful on sidelights and arched window.

Choose from stained glass window films, etched glass window films, Frosted and Leaded glass films that decorate and add privacy. Wallpaper For Windows is easy to trim to size, easy to apply, and removable when it’s time to redecorate. To make the project even easier, use the trim-to-size service, the film arrives pre-cut and ready to apply, a real time saver!