Love is in Air: Valentine’s Day Decorating Tips

With just 3 weeks to go until Valentine’s Day, most people’s attention is going towards temporary Valentine’s Day decorations. We have a better idea.  Channel your love of love into a more permanent display.

Why just buy flowers, when you can add flower accents to your home with a Mandalay Stained Glass Corner Accent, or maybe brighten a whole room with Mandalay Stained Glass Film.

Here’s another great Valentine’s Day/all year long decorating tip: Some rooms are just screaming out for MORE COLOR. Why not heat things up with some deco tint, deco waves or deco spots?

Mandalay Stained Glass Corner Accent
Deco Waves
Ruby Red Deco Tint


Mandalay Stained Glass Window Film - Privacy
Deco Spots
Mandalay Stained Glass Film