Tropical Transformation For Glass Doors

Tropical Oasis Doors

Updated August 5, 2013 – The Tropical Oasis design is a beautiful way to transform your glass doors with the stylish, custom look of etched glass.  Featuring life-sized etched glass palm fronds, birds of paradise and lush tropical foliage, this design transforms any room into a relaxing tropical paradise that you will appreciate every day.

Tropical Oasis is available in a 78 inch size for standard doors and large windows and 96 inches for 8 ft tall doors.  The design is easily trimmed to fit French doors, sliding glass doors, storm doors and large windows/sidelights.  Available in Privacy or See-Thru .

You can use Tropical Oasis to transform

  • sliding glass doors
  • french doors
  • storm/entry doors
  • large windows

from ordinary to extraordinary!

Tropical Oasis is a design from Wallpaper For Windows

Tropical Oasis See Thru window film decorating entry door and sidelight.
Decorate entry doors without blocking the view.
A beautiful way to add privacy to a glass storm door and sidelights.
Give French doors privacy and a tropical look.
Decorate sliding glass doors with a tropical look.
Decorate Sliding Glass Doors w/ Tropical Oasis

4 thoughts on “Tropical Transformation For Glass Doors

  1. Rosanna Delph says:

    Over my living room and kitchen windows I have smaller angle windows. Do you have smaller films that have only the palm fronds on them? I basically would only need the top portion of Tropical Oasis Etched Glass window film.

    • Design Team says:

      Hello Rosanna,

      Thank you for your interest in Wallpaper For Windows.
      We currently do not have just the palm fronds as a design, but we like the idea.
      What are the size of your windows? We recently add several new designs that may work, so check back with us regularly.

      Best regards,
      Design Team

  2. cindy says:

    Need your advise desperately ,not so muchh for my 3sets of double door glass frenchdoors, approx. 14″x 82″( the glass sizes) each, but the big challenge is the one big arched window divided in 3 pieces , has 3 different sizes and measurements due to it’s unique shape. Perhaps I need to specify the sizes of those 3 pieces ,but I don’t know exactly how to do it on this small space. I am thinking of doing the job with Tropical Oasis and factory offered trimming services.
    Another concern about the above mentioned arched windows, which already have UV protected film on them, so, the only way to put this film on, is to install the film on to the other side of windows, facing outside of house. I wonder if it’s going to be affected by weather elements.and shorten the life of this product.

    • Design Team says:

      Hi Cindy,

      Thank you for your interest in Wallpaper For Windows.

      We would be happy to help you with your French doors and arch window.
      You mentioned using the Tropical Oasis design, which may be a little tricky on French paned doors.
      We usually suggest a wallpaper type pattern vs. a scene design for French panes.

      I have a few questions. Is the arch window over the French doors?
      Is there a way for you to send us a picture of the arch window? Please email it to
      It makes it so much easier to see the window, and that way we could tell you at what points we need you to measure.

      Our product can go on top of window tint as long as it is smooth with no bubbles or creases.
      Depending on the darkness of the tint, it may alter the color tone of our frosted film.
      Yes, you can apply our product to the outside of the glass, and it would be fine. Both our film and inks have UV inhibitors, and won’t be effected by the elements.

      I would suggest that we send you a sample first to put up, and see if there is color distortion on the window that has UV protective film on it already.
      The samples are approximately 4″ x 6″. Please let me know what samples you’d like to see, and also if you can send the picture.

      Design Team

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